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Arbitration: Are The Players Worth The Asking Price?

On Tuesday evening, 3 Yankees filed for arbitration since they couldn’t reach an agreement with the Yankees: Brett Gardner, Boone Logan & Russell Martin. With the Yankees only getting 3 players (Phil Hughes, David Robertson, Joba Chamberlain) out of the way, we might not know how ugly it could have gotten if all 6 of them filed for arbitration. Each of the Yankees had an asking price which competed with what the Yankees had offered them and I couldn’t help but have mixed opinions. Here was what it got me thinking, are the players really worth the asking price?

1. Russell Martin (Wanted $8.2 million, Offered $7 million)

Yankees catcher Russell Martin

Russell Martin made approximately $4 million in 2011, so to find that Martin is asking for double of what he made in 2011 was pretty shocking. Martin was a good asset to the Yankees in 2011 since he was able to whip the rotation into shape but his offensive performance faltered since he was constantly used by Joe Girardi. Martin was good defensively and he did hit 18 HR’s in 2011, but I doubt we will see Martin hit 18 HR’s again in 2012 if he becomes overused once again behind the plate.

If I Were Russell Martin: If I were him, I would have taken the $7 million and walked. He was getting a $3 million raise, so trying to push it by adding $1.2 million kind of shows that Martin really wants as much money as he could possibly get. Martin is a great catcher, but if I were him, I wouldn’t expect to see $8.2 million in 2012.

2. Boone Logan (Wanted $2.4 million, Offered $1.7 million)

Yankees LHP Boone Logan

In 2011, Boone Logan made $1.2 million for doing what he is supposed to do: come in and face lefties and that was exactly what he did. During the 2011 campaign vs. lefties, in 27.1 innings pitched, Logan had a 2.96 ERA, struck out 34 batters, held them to a .260 AVG and had a 1.24 WHIP. If I was just basing his lefty numbers on whether he deserves the $2.4 million I would say “why not,” but we aren’t basing everything just off of his lefty numbers, are we? Versus right handed hitters, Logan had a 4.40 ERA while pitching 14.1 innings. Logan struck out 12, held batters to a .262 AVG & had a 1.53 WHIP.

If I Were Boone Logan: If I were Boone Logan, I would have taken the $1.7 million that the Yankees offered. There had to be a reason that the Yankees said no to the $2.4 million in the first place and that had to be because Boone Logan can only pitch to left handed hitters. Honestly, just take the money and go Boone. Why make things difficult.

3. Brett Gardner (Wanted $3.2 million, Offered $2.4 million)

Yankees OF Brett Gardner

In 2011, Brett Gardner was paid a mere $529,000 for his civil service in left field. Before the 2011 season, the Yankees were thinking of platooning Gardner & Derek Jeter for the lead off spot just to see how the experiment worked out. Girardi pulled Gardner from the lead off spot so fast, Yankees fans didn’t even have time to blink. But if you take away the abysmal start to the 2011 campaign, Gardner performed to expectations. He had 49 stolen bases, a .345 OBP (which matched his 2009 OBP) & played remarkable defense for the Yankees, taking home the Fielding Bible Award for the second straight year.

If I Were Brett Gardner: If I were Brett Gardner I would have filed for arbitration the moment the Yankees tried to offer him $1.2 million less than what he deserves. Gardner has given service to the Yankees since coming up to the big leagues in June of 2008 and he is still making minor league money. It was time that Gardner got the raise that he deserved going into the 2012 campaign and hopefully the arbitrator can see that for himself.

These 3 Yankees are scheduled to meet with arbitrators sometime starting in February in Tampa, Florida. It is up to the arbitrators to see if they deserve the money, or if they should get what the Yankees offered them and stay quiet until next off season.

Non-Tender Deadline Is Here! Yanks Have 6 Arbitration Eligible Players

Non-Tender Deadline Is Here! Yanks Have 6 Arbitration Eligible Players

By Delia E.

Around this time of the year, many teams will usually non-tender players because arbitration cases could be expensive. The Yankees have 6 players that are all on the arbitration list and could get a new deal.

1. David Robertson: David Robertson had a fantastic 2011 season, so the Yankees will most likely have no problem keeping their 8th inning guy especially with set-up men being scarce in the FA market.

2. Brett Gardner: Gardner didn’t have an outstanding 2011 batting average wise, but two places where he never faltered was on the bases & in the outfield. The Yankees would be nuts to not offer Gardner another contract, but with Gardner under team control till 2015 they might not rush into it right away.

3. Boone Logan: The “Lone Lefty” in the Yankees bullpen could be in for a little raise this winter. Logan has been the go-to guy in the bullpen to get lefties out (and more surprisingly righties). Logan has for the most part stayed healthy in 2011 and the Yankees want to keep him that way since their only lefty is a Rule 5 Draft pick.

4. Russell Martin: Cashman already said it himself, Russell Martin is coming back in 2012 but the question would be how much money Martin would make. Martin did a fantastic job behind the plate for the Yankees in 2011, and even went to the All-Star game. Even if Montero does well in Spring Training, the starting job for catcher is Martin’s.

5. Phil Hughes: Phil Hughes’s 2011 numbers weren’t very good. At all. But the only thing we can do is blame injury for the cause. Hughes will be back in the rotation but it depends on Spring Training where in the rotation Hughes ends up. Yankees fans are expecting Hughes to come back into form like in 2010, but we can only hope from the moment Hughes picks up the baseball.

6. Joba Chamberlain: Chamberlain missed most of 2011 after having Tommy John Surgery but the Yankees don’t see that as an issue. They would be glad to bring Chamberlain back but Chamberlain isn’t slated to return until summer of 2012 (though Chamberlain says that he is making fast progress). We just don’t want him to come back too early. Different scenario, but remember what happened to A-Rod last year.

Russell Martin News

Russell Martin News

By Delia E.

The New York Yankees have until December 12 to offer arbitration to Yankees catcher Russell Martin. It looks as if it will happen since Brian Cashman compared Russell Martin to Thurman Munson in a press conference earlier this month.

The Yankees could offer Martin a multi-year deal but most likely will only offer him 1 year since there is Jesus Montero & Austin Romine to think about. If Russell Martin performs well in 2012 as well as he performed last season, then he could see a two year deal. A lot could happen with Montero & Romine as seeing if Montero could go behind the plate and if Romine can hit. If not, then one of the two could be traded.

Russell Martin could lock up a 1 year deal, but the question would be how much he would make if he gets a new deal. He made $4 million in 2011.