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Morning Bits: Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, Darvish, Beltran

Good morning! Have a happy Saturday and enjoy your weekend! Here are today’s morning links

Anthony Castrovince of talks about how it is unusual to see the Yankees & Red Sox quiet during the off-season

Andrew Marchand of talks about the chances for the Blue Jays to land Yu Darvish, Carlos Beltran and the chances the Blue Jays have of becoming a serious postseason contender

— This isn’t exactly a new link but Andrew Marchand talks about how the Yankees could land King Felix via trade.

Morning Bits: C.C., Cashman, Beltran, Cano, Soriano, Reggie

What a game last night.  If you went to bed before it was over man did you miss out.  It was probably one of the best games I have seen in awhile (even with all the errors).  Tonight is game 7.

and without and more delay here are your Yankee links….

— Yankees are making progress on C.C. and Cahsman contracts.  Cashman seems to be a done deal and C.C. well who knows each writer has different opinions.

— New player in Yankee RF Derby: Beltran.  Lot of positive and negatives if this move happens.

— On the other hand this article believes that the Yankees will pick up Swisher’s option.

Cano’s agent (Boras) is asking for a new deal.  I don’t see that happening.

— In the no surprise category Soriano is not going to opt out of his contract.

Reggie Jackson says that Billy Martin used racial epithets.  In my opinion I hate when others say anything negative of someone who is no longer with us.  They can not defend themselves and we will never know the whole story.

Morning Bits: Darvish, Ortiz, Swisher, Beltran

— Despite the love Yankee scouts hold for Yu Darvish, Joel Sherman says the front office is unlikely to pay an expensive posting fee for him.

— Wallace Matthews writes about the Yankees’ scouting of Darvish.

— Ok, now David Ortiz says he wants to stay with the Red Sox, not to sign with the Yankees, like he implied a short while ago.

— The Yankees will most likely be picking up Nick Swisher’s option. However, after that, there have been rumors that they may trade Swish for a pitcher. One option to replace him, if that were to happen, may be Carlos Beltran.

Have a great day.

Morning Bits: Marte, Beltran, Sabathia

* As was mentioned yesterday, the Yankee declined the option on lefty Marte.

* Carlos Beltran is an option to replace Swisher for the Yankees.

* Sabathia’s weight concerns the Yankees before contract talks.

MLBTR Notes: Cashman, Brett Myers, Yanks’ Scouting

Here are some notes from MLBTR on the Yankees:

  • GM Brian Cashman told George A. King III of The New York Post that he isn’t getting any calls about trades just yet. “I am not getting calls,” said Cashman. “We have the farm system and money, but no calls … The headache stuff is available. The quality stuff is not available.”
  • Within the article, King notes that the team could look for upgrades at DH, in right field, and for the pitching staff. He says the Astros “will listen” to offers for Brett Myers, but the Yankees “don’t have a match.” King speculates that Carlos Beltran, Michael Cuddyer, and Vladimir Guerrero could be potential trade targets.
  • Dan Barbarisi of The Wall Street Journal wrote about the club’s pro scouting department, which helped unearth Bartolo Colon and others this offseason. “It’s easy to recommend a guy when the numbers are there,” said scout Tim Naehring. “The most difficult thing is feeling confident and putting in a report when the production isn’t there. The biggest challenge is sticking your neck out and saying,’I know there’s more in there. I know there’s better performance coming.'”