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Open Thread

There really isn’t much going on in the Yankee Universe today, other than Joe Girardi’s press conference. Therefore, I’ll just recap some of the “Hot Stove” events of the day.

— Now former Red Sox closer, Jonathan Papelbon has signed with the Phillies. It is a 4 year / $50MM deal, with a vesting option for a fifth year. It really tells you how desperate the Phillies were for a closer. 4+ years, and 50 million – yikes. Have fun with that contract, Philly!

— Speaking of the Red Sox, they are not overly committed to having Daniel Bard as their full-time closer. They are expected to pursue Ryan Madson and Heath Bell.

— The Miami Marlins so said “ability” to spend has been continued. They are rumored to have made offers to Albert Pujols, Prince Fielder, and Mark Buehrle.

Talk about whatever you’d like on this thread. Have a great night.

Jealous Much?

The overrated players poll came out on  and of course it’s filled with Yankees.   Have a laugh and enjoy.


Alex Rodriguez, Yankees 3B 18%

Joba Chamberlain, Yankees RP 12%

Derek Jeter, Yankees SS 7%

Jayson Werth, Nationals OF 4%

Jonathan Papelbon, Red Sox RP 4%


A-Rod and Chamberlain filled the top two slots in the same poll last year but in reverse order…. Yankees OF Nick Swisher also received 4% of the vote…. Of the top 14 active vote-getters, all but three play in Boston, Chicago or New York…. Combined, the five players above have made the All-Star Game in 57% of their seasons.

Based on 185 MLB players who responded to SI’s survey