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Missing Jorge

One thing I’ll never forget about Jorge – the pine tar on his helmet.

As a Yankee fan it’s almost a requirement to honor the past and reminisce about former players who once wore the pinstripes. But my favorite position to play and most of my favorite historical players, are catchers. Whether it’s Yogi Berra or Jose Molina, name any Yankee backstop and I have seen their highlights and know their stats. I simply love the catcher position. Heck, even Sal Fasano started to grow on me during the ’06 season.

Yet my favorite catcher, probably since I grew up with him behind the plate, is Jorge Posada. Through thick and thin, this guy was a true warrior. Say what you want about his defense, I always thought he was a solid catcher, and was not doing the Yanks as much harm as people said he was in his later years. To me, pitching is 50% the pitcher’s duty, and 50% the catcher’s. And he was the catcher of five world champion pitching staffs. That has to say something.

Of course his glove was his trusty sidekick to the powerful bat he had. The reason why so many fans hate on Russell Martin is because he’s not Jorge Posada. That’s a fact. We as Yankee fans have been spoiled by generations of power-hitting, MVP-caliber backstops, and so Martin is clearly not that. Yet he’s a serviceable catcher capable of calling a game and playing above-average defense, which is what I like in a catcher more than anything. But Jorge did that and then some. Or that and a lot more.

His 275 home runs, 1,065 RBI, and .273 career batting average are stats that can go up against any great backstop in MLB history. I’m looking at you Hall-of-Famer Johnny Bench. You too Bill Dickey. Jorge Posada was no Babe Ruth of catchers, but he was an Iron Horse of the position, catching 1,574 out of the 1,617 games he played in, and still hitting consistently and for power.

Another aspect, and maybe the most important, of Jorge Posada’s game, was that he was as true a  team player as anyone. Derek Jeter is the captain, but Jorge was the vocal leader of the team. He spoke up at team meetings, defended his teammates, and gave it all on the field every night. It’s a trait not too many players in baseball have, probably because they simply didn’t have the chance to be in Gene “Stick” Michael’s Yankee farm system in the early 1990’s. (When I talk about this, I don’t think of 2011. That was a lost year for Jorge and one where the Yankees treated him very disrespectfully.)

To conclude, this is no analysis or anything that has to do with the current Yankee team. But I love sports history, particularly Yankees history, and I was a huge fan of Jorge and still am to this day. Although the Yankees are doing just fine without him, there’s rarely a game that passes where I’m not thinking of #20 squatting behind the plate, with white-out covering his finger nails and his death stare behind the mask.

Hip hip, Jorge!

Kuroda shuts down Angels as Yankees win home opener 5-0

Everything was going right for the Yankees home opener. Jorge Posada returned to throw the first pitch, it was a warm beautiful 61 degrees at the ball park and Hiroki Kuroda was set to pitch the home opener. Kuroda admitted that he had butterflies before pitching the home opener but if he did have them, it didn’t show as he was able to shutout the L.A Angels and help the Yankees go above .500 with a 5-0 win.

KURODA GOES 8: Hiroki Kuroda went 8 shutout innings with 5 hits, pitching like the pitcher that the Yankees signed in January. Kuroda was taken out in the 9th inning after allowing a runner to reach first base. David Robertson closed out the 9th inning.

SWISHER DOES IT AGAIN: Fresh off of his heroics in Baltimore, Nick Swisher was able get a bases clearing RBI double which gave the Yankees a 3-0 lead at the time. Swisher did something that the Yankees desperately needed; hit with RISP with 2 outs.

630TH CAREER A-BOMB FOR A-ROD: Alex Rodriguez hit a solo shot today which polished his 3 for 4 day. It wasn’t just any HR. It was Alex Rodriguez’s 630th career HR which tied him 5th on the All Time Baseball HR list with Ken Griffey Jr. Now that’s a way to start the season.

THE GRANDY MAN CAN: For a guy that has been struggling, Curtis Granderson put on a laser show today. He hit a laser line drive HR into the lower deck to give the Yankees the 5th and final run. Hopefully this is the hit that gets Curtis Granderson going.

POSADA THROWS FIRST PITCH: Jorge Posada set foot in Yankee Stadium today for the first time since he announced his retirement. Posada threw the ceremonial first pitch to his father in what Posada describe as an emotional moment. Posada also spoke about what he was doing now that he’s retired; he’s playing the role of Mr. Mom to his 2 kids.

WHAT’S NEXT: The Yankees will take on the Angels again for Game 2 of this 3 game set. Phil Hughes is set to take the mound for the Yankees while C.J Wilson will take the mound for the Angels. First pitch is at 1:05pm.

Morning Bits: Pujols, Kuroda, Girardi, Mariano, Tyler Austin

Morning all.  The home opener is today and Kuroda will be on the hill.   To all those that are going to the game enjoy.  For those that will be working I hope your day isn’t busy so you can watch online.

Here are the links…

USA Today has a story about how the Yankees are proactive in training players about news media.

David Waldstein of The New York Times writes that the Yankees are bracing for the power of Pujols.

The Empire State Yankees cruised past Buffalo.

Marc Craig of The Star Ledger writes about how Joe Girardi goes against the percentages and wins.

— Today’s home opener could be Mariano’s last one.

Bryan Hoch of writes that Kuroda will feel butterflies during the opener.

Tyler Austin who has as the yankees #15 prospect (Our own Fishjam has him at 10) homered twice yesterday. One of his homers was off Tim Hudson who is in the minors with a rehab stint.

Morning Bits: State of the Yankees, Posada, Rivera

How Sweep It Is!!!!!  Things are looking up for the ball club as they have won 3 in a row.  Not all the wins have been convincing though and the starting pitching still is not in full form yet.   Today is an off day before the home opener.   Make sure you stop by later tonight as Delia will be hosting a Live Chat.

On to the links…..

— ESPN’s Andrew Marchand has the state of the Yankees.

— 100 Years ago the Yankee pinstripes were born.

Les Carpenter of Yahoo Sports writes that Mariano Rivera answers the call again for the Yankees.

Jorge Posada will be throwing out the first pitch on Friday for the home opener.

Mark Simon of ESPN Stats is at again this time taking a look at the road trip and the statistical mixed bag it was.

— For my prospect people Jose Campos was unhittable last night and has yet to give up an earned run this season.

— Trenton manager Tony Franklin earned his 1,000 win which is very impressive.

— The Charleston River Dogs rout Augusta 11-5 last night.

Swisher hits 2 run jack in 10th to give Yanks 6-4 win & series sweep

It was a cold, dark and somewhat rainy evening. The Yankees (3-3) were desperate for a series sweep. The Orioles (3-3) were desperate to stay alive in at least one game. In the end, Nick Swisher and his bat were the deciding factor of the game, giving the Yankees the sweep and the win in the 10th inning as the Yankees defeated the Orioles 6-4.

GRANDERSON WAKES UP: Curtis Granderson got his first two of three RBI’s of the 2012 season on a 2 run shot to Eutaw Street, giving the Yankees a 2-0 lead at the time. Granderson overall went 2 for 5 with 3 RBI’s.

SABATHIA STRUGGLES BUT KEEPS YANKS CLOSE: CC Sabathia struggled in his second start of the season on the cold night in Baltimore but as the ace he was able to keep the Yankees in the game to give them the chance to get the  lead. Sabathia had a no decision after 6 innings.

BIRTHDAY BOY GETS WHAT HE WANTED; HITS: Mark Teixeira was celebrating his 32nd Birthday and told everyone what he wanted for himself was a hit. Well, the Orioles gave Mark the best birthday gift ever; 2 hits. I’m sure Tex is feeling pretty good now.

“HOUDINI”…IN SORIANO?: Rafael Soriano came in the game tonight after cutting his finger yesterday and pitched…sort of like David Robertson. Soriano got himself into a bases loaded jam in the bottom of the 9th inning inning but (like his bullpen mate Robertson) he was able to get Adam Jones out which sent the Yankees to the 10th. Robertson was one of the many pitchers in the bullpen that didn’t pitch tonight.

MO GETS 605: Mariano Rivera notched his 605th career save tonight, getting his second save out of three tries. I expected nothing less from Mo, but just wondering…when Mo retires, will there be a t-shirt with the number of all of his saves? That would be an awesome collectors item.

WHAT’S NEXT: Well the Yankees (finally) come home to the Bronx but they do not play tomorrow. Tomorrow night the Yankees will reunite with former player Jorge Posada at the Homecoming dinner where Posada will get a special award. Gene Monahan is also slated to be there to reunite with his former team. Monahan retired at the end of last year. Friday is a day game at Yankee Stadium and the Yankees can start fresh now that they are .500. Hiroki Kuroda is slated to get the start.

AROUND THE AMERICAN LEAGUE: Tampa Bay (4-1) scored 4 runs in the ninth inning off of Jose Valverde but the runs were charged to Justin Verlander as the Rays beat the Tigers 4-2. James Shields get the win, Justin Verlander gets the loss. Verlander has not lost  a game since July 2011. The Red Sox (1-5) under the management of Bobby Valentine are sinking further and further as the Sox fall to the Blue Jays (4-2) 3-1. Ricky Romero gets the win, Jon Lester gets the loss.

Posada to throw first pitch on Friday

Posada to throw first pitch on Friday

By Delia E.

Jorge Posada is coming back to the Bronx…if only for an evening. Jorge Posada is slated to throw out the first pitch on Friday evening to commence Opening Day for the Yankees. Posada is also being honored with the “Pride of the Yankees Award” at Thursday’s homecoming dinner.

After Posada throws the first pitch, one of the stars of the Broadway musical Newsies named Jeremy Jordan will sing the national anthem, followed by a Navy F-18 ceremonial fighter over the stadium. “God Bless America” will be sung by Paul Nolan of the Broadway show Jesus Christ Superstar.

What if Ibanez is Done?

The Raul Ibanez signing was questioned by a lot of Yankees fans. He has done nothing this spring to prove those people wrong. Ibanez is batting an egregious .054 with only 1 extra base hit in 37 spring training AB’s.  As you may have heard me say before I do not take spring training stats very seriously. However, with a player of Ibanez’s age thoughts that he could be in for a long year have to creep into your mind when you see him performing this badly. Now I am certainly not giving up on him or anything, but he will have to be watched very carefully as the season progresses to see if he improves. If he does not he can end up like Randy Winn, whom the Yankees cut in May of 2010 due to his awful play.

The Yankees two main reasons for Ibanez’s poor play is that he is facing lefties in spring training when he will only be facing righties in the regular season. They have also pointed to Ibanez being a particularly slow starter. I have not seen much of Ibanez this spring so it is hard for me to pinpoint the reason for his struggles. Historically, Ibanez’s numbers have been worse in April and May than in the other months so the Yankees do have a point there.

If Ibanez struggles gets to the point where the Yankees have to consider other options they do have some in house options. Andruw Jones is widely known for his ability to hit lefties, but he did hit 5 out of his 13 HR’s last year against righties and had a halfway decent .709 OPS against righties. Eric Chavez would likely be the number one in house option, but he has struggled this spring as well and is often injured. Eduardo Nunez could be another option but he was significantly better vs. lefties last season. As you can see the in house options leave a lot to be desired. There are no outfielders in the minors who are considered major league ready although Justin Maxwell has shined this spring. Also, if you have to use one of the in house options your bench is shortened.  Nick Swisher also must stay healthy or this could turn into an even bigger issue. Swisher has been hurt twice now this spring and it better not be worse than the Yankees are letting on with Ibanez looking the way he is looking.

The Yankees will have to look for a DH to hit righties in a trade if Ibanez fails. It is to early to really speculate on who that could be.  The Yankees have the minor leaguers to get a deal done if necessary. If the RH platoon DH is the Yankees biggest weakness this year it is going to be a successful one. They survived it last year with limited production form Jorge Posada at times. However, the Yankees are always looking to make the team the best it can be and if Ibanez continues to hit like this a change may be in order.

Morning Bits: Martin, Hughes, Burnett, Swisher, Posada

Good morning Yankees fans and Happy Saturday! Position players reported yesterday and will soon start their workouts! Here are your morning links.

Russell Martin & the Yankees agreed to wait to talk about a contract extension until after the season.

Phil Hughes spoke with ESPN & said it will be nobody’s fault but his if he struggles in Spring Training and ends up in the bullpen

— With A.J Burnett now a Pittsburgh Pirate, ESPN wonders, who will be the new pie man? The obvious choice? Nick Swisher.

Jorge Posada’s absence from camp is more noticeable than Andy Pettite’s according to Derek Jeter

Morning Bits: Kim Jones, Posada, Martin

Busy day yesterday let’s get right to the links….

* Kim Jones is leaving the Yes Network.  Me personally I really enjoyed her on the field reporting.  Best of luck to her.

* Posada retired because he was tired.

* Harper of the Daily News says tension still lingers between Posada and the Yankees.

* Yankees also brought back Martin yesterday for one more year.

Open Thread

Good evening all on this day when Posada officially retired.   Also lots of another news out on this busy day.

* Jesse Sanchez of reports that Cuban outfielder Yoenis Cespedes has established residency in the Dominican Republic.

* Bryan Hoch of has everything from the retirement of Posada.

* Jason Beck of writes that it “sounds like” the Tigers will use a rotation at the corner infield spots following the signing of Prince Fielder, including using Miguel Cabrera at third base on some days.

* Hank Schulman of the San Francisco Chronicle reports that the Giants have reached agreement on a two-year, $40.5 million contract with right-hander Tim Lincecum.

This is your Open Thread feel free to talk about anything mentioned above or anything else you want.

Enjoy the night.

Jorge Posada Officially Retires From Baseball

Today has been a very emotional day in Yankees History as beloved catcher Jorge Posada had retired from baseball after 17 years in pinstripes. The retirement press conference was sweet yet somber as Jorge Posada sat at the podium with his wife Laura & his 2 children Jorge Posada Jr. & Paulina Posada. Jorge looked out at the press with sadness but with a bit of determination ready to go into the next chapter of his life; retirement.

“Today was a very emotional day for me.” Posada told the crowd of reporters.

Jorge Posada has officially retired after 17 seasons with the New York Yankees

“Ever since I was a little kid, all I wanted to do was become a major leaguer. I was able to live my dream and play baseball for the best franchise in the world, the New York Yankees. ”

Posada was known in the clubhouse as being honest to his teammates and a captain figure. If his teammates were struggling, he would tell them. If they needed advice, Jorge would help. Michael Kay, Jack Curry & Bob Lorenz spoke about how Jorge’s career in pinstripes was important to him and now when fans look at a trading card, Jorge’s career will be all about the Yankees from 1995-2011.

Among the guests at the press conference were teammates Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera & CC Sabathia, manager Joe Girardi, Yankees GM Brian Cashman, former baseball player Willie Randolph, Yankees broadcaster Suzyn Waldman & Diana Munson; the widow of Thurman Munson who spoke very highly of Jorge.

“This is a man who brought me back to baseball.” Diana Munson told the crowd. “I’m so honored to be here and I am so honored to have loved 2 Yankee catchers in my life.”

During the press conference Posada was emotional, letting out tears as he said all of his thank you’s to the teammates, his fans & his family and gave a special thank you to his inspiration; his father.

Posada honored his Yankee pinstripes and while he has a reputation of being temperamental, he was hard working and always made the Yankee name proud.

“I grew up in front of the fans, in front of my teammates. I could never wear another uniform. I will forever be a Yankee.”

Spanning the Yankee Blogs: Gardner, Granderson, Burnett

Good afternoon all and welcome to Spanning the Yankee Blogs.  I check them all out and than list an article from each for you to enjoy.

and away we go…..

* An A-Blog for A-Rod looks into how awesome the Brett Gardner contract is.

* Bleeding Yankee Blue believes Granderson will continue his big numbers.

* New York Baseball Digest believes with the new acquisitions the Yankees need to rid themselves of Burnett.

* NYYUniverse has the mechanic breakdown of Jose Campos.

* River Ave Blues asks Does Nick Swisher vanish against good pitching?

* Road to Yankee Stadium has a look back at Jorge Posada.

* The Yankee Analysts has the irony of the rotating DH.

Morning Bits: Pineda, Montero, AL East, Posada

Good morning all let’s get right to the links….

* Sports Illustrated has the finalized deal of Jesus Montero for Pineda.

* From the Seattle Times here is what they had to say about finalized deal.

* ESPN’s Wallace Matthews says the trade is Cashman’s riskiest move yet.

* Wall Street Journal says the AL East is Armed and Dangerous.

* Posada to make it official today that he is he done with baseball. Will Live Stream Posada Press Conference Will Live Stream Posada Press Conference

By Delia E.

If you want to view Jorge Posada in his final press conference at Yankee Stadium, now you can. will live stream the press conference on January 24 at 11:00am (Eastern Time) right from Yankee Stadium as Jorge Posada announces his retirement after 17 seasons with the New York Yankees.

If you do decide to view the press conference, don’t forget the tissues. I think you might need them.


Posada to announce retirement Tuesday

Posada to announce retirement Tuesday

by Matt S.

Jorge Posada will hold a retirement press conference Tuesday morning at Yankee Stadium.  The presser will get underway at 11 a.m. ET. Posada had a desire to continue his playing career at the beginning of this offseason, but it fizzled out as interest in him failed to grow. The 40-year-old was a five-time All-Star. He tallied 1,664 hits, 275 home runs and 1,065 RBI during a 17-year MLB career and won four World Series rings.

Morning Bits: Posada, Damon

Congrats to all the giants fans.   Let’s get to the links…..

* Posada to announce his retirement early this week at Yankee Stadium.

* The Tigers have some interest in Damon.