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Yankees Offseason Notes: Cashman on Nunez, Pineda, Long, CC & A-Rod

Good evening everyone. Hope everyone is enjoying the offseason (and if not, hope you’re counting down to Spring Training). Tonight is Game 7 of the 2012 NLCS with the Cardinals and Giants so if you are still watching baseball, watch that game. A reminder that tomorrow night at 7pm, I will be hosting a live chat so make sure to come with questions or comments about the Yankees, free agent market, possible trades, etc. Here are some notes that have been floating around today that have to do with the Yankees.

Brian Cashman had a radio interview yesterday and covered some topics on certain players. Players like Eduardo Nunez, Michael Pineda (I know, you probably forgot all about him), Kevin Long, CC Sabathia and Alex Rodriguez. Here is what Brian Cashman had to say about each player.

On Eduardo Nunez: “I don’t look at Nunez being valuable in an everyday role other than a shortstop, and we have a shortstop. In terms of everyday status for Nuney, I don’t see one as long as Derek Jeter is standing there.” When asked about why Nunez can’t/won’t be in the outfield, Cashman said “All the calls of putting him in LF. I don’t understand.”

On Michael Pineda: “We have to keep [Pineda] off our radar for now. We’re talking June of next year.” – on Pineda’s shoulder injury.

On Kevin Long: “Kevin Long without question is one of the best hitting coaches in the game. And what took place here is a collective failure  not an individual one, and no one is going to be pointed at as a scapegoat.”

On CC Sabathia: “If he has anything, it’s not considered major, but it’s obviously the time of year to really focus on it.” – on CC’s elbow.

On Alex Rodriguez: “Is he a superstar at that position (third base)? No. But I think when anyone signed that contract, expecting him to be at that level at that age would be unrealistic also.”

Spring Training Notes: 2/21/12

David Robertson signing autographs

Day 3 of Spring Training has come and gone and the highlight of the day was David Robertson signing autographs for little kids! Okay, there was other news that happened today but David Robertson giving autographs to kids? That’s adorable! Okay, onto the other news of the day.

Speaking of David Robertson, he had a lot to say about the Mariano Rivera situation. He spoke to Jack Curry this morning but doesn’t think that Mariano will leave just like that. “I’ll believe it when I see it.  When you talk about replacing Mariano Rivera, I don’t think that can be done. Like I said, I’ll believe it when I see it. You never know. He could Brett Farve us.”

Raul Ibanez has officially joined the Yankees on a 1 year, $1.1 Million contract. He will wear the number Joe Girardi wore in 2009; #27.

— Andruw Jones showed up to camp today and took batting practice. Nice to see him show up.

— The Yankees did suffer a downfall today when George Kontos was the first Yankee to suffer an injury; an oblique strain. Girardi mentioned that he will be out for a couple of weeks.

— The Yankees are preparing for the return of Eric Chavez just in case he re-signs and just in case they left a locker empty next to Nick Swisher.

Kevin Long mentioned that Raul Ibanez is a perfect fit for the Yankees lineup.

Morning Bits: Free agents 2013, Curious off-season, Oswalt, A-Rod,

Good Morning all it’s already Mid-Week so that’s exciting.  We are getting closer to Friday and to find out what the Yankees will be doing with Nakajima.  From all the reports though it seems that he will be going back to Japan.

Let’s get right to the links.

* The Yankees are saving now for a potential splash next winter.  Some great options in the 2013 class of free-agents.

* They Bombers curious off-season leads to many questions, few answers. IMO it also lead to a lot of head scratching.

* Yankee and Cardinals have interest in Roy Oswalt.  Please please be true.  Let’s lock him up Cashman.

* Batting coach Kevin Long says A-Rod is determined and focused.  Well that’s good to hear.  The Yankees also believe that A-Rod is at full strength.

Morning Bits: Long, Decisions, Burnett, Questions

* Long realizes Yankees’ hitters came up short in the playoffs.

* Yankees have some key decisions to make in the off season.

* Burnett must build on his strong finish to the season.

* Off-season is full of questions for the yankees.

Morning Bits 6/22/11

Good morning all.  Let’s play two today.  First game is on YES second is on MY9.

here are your links…

* Gardner has been doing well recently because he changed his approach at the plate thanks to Kevin Long.

* A revised schedule should be on MLB’s agenda.

* Phil Hughes next rehab start will be for double AA.



Boston 44 29 .603 22-15 22-14 399 308 +91 Lost 1 7-3
NY Yankees 42 29 .592 1 23-17 19-12 377 279 +98 Won 3 8-2
Tampa Bay 40 34 .541 4.5 18-18 22-16 302 284 +18 Lost 1 6-4
Toronto 36 38 .486 8.5 17-18 19-20 339 337 +2 Lost 3 4-6
Baltimore 33 38 .465 10 20-18 13-20 292 335 -43 Lost 1 3-7