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Major League Baseball unveils play-off schedule

The 2012 post season schedule had been released by Major League baseball, making October a postseason can’t miss event. Here is how it will work this season.

1. The 2012 postseason will begin on October 5, with the Wildcard games held on that date. The American League and National League Division series will begin on October 6 with the second and third seeded division winners from October 6-11 and the series with the top seed and the Wildcard winners on October 7-12 if necessary.

2. The ALCS will begin on October 13 and will run through October 21 while the NLCS will begin on October 14 and will run through October 22 if there is a Game 7.

3. After one day off, the World Series will take place on October 24 at the home of the National League Champion with Game 7 (if there is so) to be played at the same stadium on November 1.

There are somewhat a new format this year. Here are the new rules.

1. For the 2012 season only, the Division series will begin with two games in the lower seed’s ballpark and will end with up to three in the higher seed’s ballpark.

2. Although the format for the Champion series and the World series will be the same, there will only be two days off in each series: One between Game 2 and 3 and one between Game 5 and 6.

Broadcasting: TBS will broadcast the Wildcard games and up to 18 of the possible 20 games in the Division series round. MLB Network will have one Division series to be determined on October 7 and another on October 10. TBS will also broadcast the American League Championship series while FOX will broadcast the National League Championship series as well as the World Series.