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Gammons: “…I think they’re going to go to Montero and release Posada”

Here is part of the transcript, from when Peter Gammons appeared on WEEI’s Mut & Merloni show today:

There still is friction between Derek Jeter and ownership about the way his contract was negotiated — not what he’s making, I don’t think, at least I don’t believe that. But I think it was over the way so much of it was made public. Derek was really unhappy with that. Hence, when he signed the contract, he wouldn’t even drive from Tampa to Orlando for a press conference during the winter meetings. He made them come to him in Tampa. This carried over, and Posada and Jeter are the best of friends.

I do think in some degree it’s been addressed, because in the end Jeter really does care about winning most of all.

If Posada continues not to hit, and they’re not going to let him catch … I think they’re going to go to [Jesus] Montero and release Posada. That would be very interesting.

I know where he’d go. He’d go right to Baltimore, with Matt Wieters, do a little catching, let Wieters DH twice a week, and go back with Buck [Showalter], who knew him pretty well from the Yankee organization.