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Morning Bits: Cano’s hit streak at 22 games, Time for Cashman to shop?, Gardner out for the year

Good morning all.  Well the team had to lose eventually.   Another hit for Cano thought to extend his hitting streak and David Phelps looked very good coming out of the bullpen.  Tonight is another late start 10:05PM to be exact.  On the mound is Nova vs Milone.

Enjoy the weekend and let’s start of today with some links….

Wallace Matthews of ESPN NY asks if it’s time for Cashman to go shopping.

— One of my favorite articles is always Katie Sharp of ESPN NY with the Yankeemetrics.  This one was for the Toronto series.

David Waldstein of the New York Times has the story on Gardner getting surgery and probably missing the rest of the year.

Jeff Bradley of The Star Ledger takes a look how it has been tough for the AAA Yankees without a home this year.

Christopher Connors of The Bleacher Report has an article about how the Yankees keep rolling through the season even with all the injuries.

Evan Drellich of has the story of Cano extending his hitting streak to 22 games and other tidbits on the Yankees.

Minor Nigh Cap: Good outings by O’Brien & Mitchell

SWB W 8-5

2B – Corban Joseph – 2H (Double), 1RBI, 1K, .266

LF – Ronnier Mustelier – 1R, 2H, 1K, .301

1B – Russell Branyan – 2R, 2H (Solo- Homer), 1RBI, 1BB, 1K, .304

3B – Brandon Laird – 2R, 2H (3-Run Homer), 3RBI, .231


Nelson Figueroa (W, 6-2) 6.0IP, 8H, 5R, 4ER, 1K, 1HR, 4.10era

Trenton L 3-2

3B – Addison Maruszak – 2R, 3H (Double, Solo Homer), 1RBI, .294

1B – Luke Murton – 1H, 1RBI, 1BB, .262


Mikey O’Brien (ND) – 6.0IP, 3H, 1R, 1ER, 1BB, 4K, 1HR, 3.88era

Tampa L 5-4

CF – Mason Williams – 1H, 1K, .200

LF – Ramon Flores – 2H (Double), 1RBI, 2K, .297

DH – Slade Heathcott – 1R, 1H (Double), 2BB, .275

C – Gary Sanchez – 1R, 1H, 2K, .222

1B – Kyle Roller – 1R, 1H (2-Run Homer), 2RBI, 2K, .247


Matt Tracy (ND) – 5.0IP, 3H, 3R, 3ER, 4BB, 1K, 2.63era

Charleston W 3-2

2B – Ali Castillo – 2H (Double), 2RBI, .355

SS – Cito Culver – 2H, 1K, .212

DH – Francisco Arcia – 1R, 1H, 1BB, 1K, .305


Bryan Mitchell (W, 6-6) – 5.0IP, 4H, 2R, 2ER, 3BB, 3K, 2HR, 4.44era

Staten Island L 5-3 F/12

DH – Saxon Butler – 1R, 1H (Triple), 1RBI, 1BB, 2K, .357

RF – Danny Oh – 1R, 2H (Double), 1BB, 1K, .188

2B – Fu-Lin Kuo – 3K, .333

Gulf Coast W 8-3

C – Peter O’Brien – 2H (Double), .571

CF – Kelvin Duran – 3R, 3H (Double), 1RBI, .216

2B – Jerizon Lopez – 2H, 2RBI, .411

Minor Night Cap: Trenton Thunder Mash, Staten Island gets blown out

SWB L 6-5

CF – Chris Dickerson – 1R, 2H, 2K, .310

C – Francisco Cervelli – 1R, 2H, 2RBI, .248

DH – Jack Cust – 1R, 1H (2-Run Homer), 2RBI, .260


John Maine (ND) – 7.0IP, 7H, 4R, 4ER, 1BB, 3K, 1HR, 6.00era

Trenton W 11-3

3B – Addison Maruszak – 2R, 3H (solo homer), 2RBI, 1K, .285

DH – David Adams – 1R, 2H, 1K, .284

RF – Zoilo Almonte – 1R, 3H (3-run homer), 3RBI, 1K, .266

CF – Melky Mesa – 3R, 3H, (2, Doubles), 1K, .280

1B – Luke Murton – 2R, 2H (2-Run Homer), 2RBI, 1K, .260


Shaeffer Hall (W, 7-6) – 6.2IP, 6H, 3R, 1ER, 4BB, 4K, 3.79era

Tampa L 10-6

CF – Mason Williams – 1H, 1RBI

LF – Ramon Flores – 1R, 2H, 1RBI, 1BB, 1K, .296

DH – Slade Heathcott – 1H, 1RBI, 2BB, 1K, .263

C – Gary Sanchez – 1H (Double), 1RBI, 3K


Caleb Cotham (L, 1-3) – 5.0IP, 10H, 7R, 7ER, 1BB, 2K, 1HR, 6.44era

Charleston W 3-2

Ben Gamel, Francisco Arcia, Cito Culver and Cody Grice all with 2 hits. Rbi each by Culver, Arcia and Castillo

Staten Island L 21-7

LF – Taylor Dugas – 2R, 1H, 1RBI, 1BB, .400

1B – Matt Snyder 1R, 2H (Double), 4RBI, 2BB, .178

CF – Ravel Santana – 1R, 1H, .175

DH – Fu-Lin Kuo – 1H (double), 2RBI, 1K, .400

Gulf Coast L 4-3

Yankees second round draft pick catcher Peter O’Brien had 1 run scored, two hits, and one RBI.

Other Notes: RF Eric Leonora – 2H, 1RBI, 1K, .340

1B – Austin Jones – 1H, 1RBI, 1K, .333

P – Graham Stoneburner started the game and only went 2 Innings giving up 1H, 1R, 0ER, and 1K.

Minor Night Cap: SWB wins big

SWB W 11-4

DH – Jack Cust – 2R, 1H (3-Run Homer), 3RBI, 1BB, 3K, .267

OF – Ronnier Mustelier – 2R, 1H (Triple), 1BB, .307

1B – Russell Branyan – 2R, 2H (2-Run Homer), 3RBI, 1BB, 1K, .299


Nelson Figueroa (W, 5-2) – 5.0IP, 3H, 2R, 2ER, 3BB, 4K, 3.90era

Trenton L 8-4

DH – David Adams – 1R, 2H (Solo Homer), 2RBI, 2BB, .270

3B – Addison Maruszak – 1R, 2H (2-Run Homer), 2RBI, 1K, .278


Mikey O’Brien (L, 4-2) – 4.oIP, 11H, 8R, 6ER, 1BB, 3K, 4.17era

Tampa – L 9-5

DH – Slade Heathcott – 2R, 2H (Double, Solo Homer), 1RBI, 1BB, .318

OF – Rob Segedin – 1R, 1H (Double), .290

OF – Neil Medchill – 2H, 2RBI, .251

2B – Jose Toussen – 1R, 3H (Double), 1BB, .208


Matt Tracy (L, 2-2) 4.2IP, 6H, 7R, 6ER, 4BB, 4K, 1HR, 2.33era

Charleston L 10-2

OF – Tyler Austin – 1R, 1H, 2K, .327

DH – Dante Bichette, Jr. – 1H (Double), .265


Bryan Mitchell (L, 5-6) – 4.0IP, 7H, 4R, 4ER, 3BB, 3K, 4.50era

Staten Island L 8-5

OF – Taylor Dugas – 2R, 1H, 3BB, 1K, .423

2B – Fu-Lin Kuo – 1R, 3H (2, Doubles), 1K, .588

C – Isaias Tejada – 1R, 1H (Double), 1RBI, 1BB, .200

Gulf Coast W 6-3

1B – Austin Jones – 2R, 2H, (Double), 1RBI, .325

DH – Ericson Leonora – 1R, 2H (Double, 3-Run Homer), 4RBI, 1BB, 1K, .324

Minor Night Cap: Corban Joseph with three doubles and Mitchell w/ strong outing

SWB W 3-1

DH – Russell Branyan – 1H, 2RBI, 2K, .299

2B – Corban Joseph – 1R, 3H (3 – Doubles),  1BB, .269


D.J. Mitchell (ND) 7.0IP, 5H, 1R, 1ER, 2BB, 6K, 5.36ERA

Trenton L 5-4

OF – Zoilo Almonte – 1R, 1H (Solo Homer), 1RBI, 1K, .276

2B – Jose Pierla – 1R, 2H, 1K, .361

1B – Luke Murton – 2H, 2RBI, 1BB, 1K, .248


Adam Miller (L, 0-3) 4.0IP, 8H, 5R, 5ER, 2BB, 2K, 1HR, 5.08ERA

Tampa Game 1 – L 7-6 F/8

Slade Heathcott – 1R, 1H (Double), 1RBI, 1BB, .250

JR Murphy – 1R, 2H (solo homer), 1RBI, 1K, .251

Kyle Roller – 1R, 1H, (2-Run Homer), 2RBI, 1BB, 1K, .252


Shane Greene (ND) – 5.1IP, 7H, 6R, 2ER, 8K, 3.81ERA

Tampa Game 2 – W 6-5 F/7

OF – Ramon Flores – 3R, 3H (2 Solo Homers), 2RBI, .292

C – Tyson Blaser – 1R, 3H (Triple), 3RBI, .355


Jose A. Ramirez (ND) 3.0IP, 2H, 1R, 1ER, 3K, 4.14ERA

Charleston W 7-6 F/10

OF – Mason Williams – 1R, 1H (Double), 1BB, .307

OF – Tyler Austin – 1R, 1H, 2BB, 1K, .329

DH – Gary Sanchez – 2H, 1RBI, 2BB, 1K, .309

3B – Dante Bichette Jr – 1H, 2RBI, 1K, .268


William Oliver (ND) 5.oIP, 8H, 4R, 4ER, 4BB, 3K, 4.66ERA

Staten Island W 4-1

2B – Fu-Lin Kuo – 1R, 2H (Double), 1RBI, 1K, .583

OF – Ravel Santana – 1R, 1H, 1RBI, 1BB, 1K, .167

Gulf Coast W 4-3

Jerison Lopez – 1R, 3H (Double), 1BB, .440

Mikeson Oliberto 1R, 2H (Triple), 2RBI, K, .360

Minor Night Cap: Mason Willaims earns player of the week, Slade Heathcott returns

SWB L 9-8

Chris Dickerson has 1 run, 2 hits and a walk.

Corban Joseph – 2R, 1H, 3BB

Russell Branyan – 1R, 2H (2-Run homer), 3RBI, 2BB

Pitching –

Dellin Betances3.oIP, 5H, 7R, 7ER, 4BB, 4K, 6.39era

Trenton W 7-1

Luke Murton hit a 2 run homer and Addison Maruszak had two hits one which was a double.

Pitching –Vidal Nuno started the game going seven innings giving up 2 hits, 1 walk, 6 K’s and 0ER.  His record moves to 3-1 on the season with a 0.89era.

Tampa W 9-3

Slade Heathcott made his debut this season coming back from an injury.  He had 1 hit, 1RBI and 1 K.  Ramon Flores had a run and 3 hits. Rob Segedin (solo)  , Kyle Roller (3 -Run)  and Neil Medchill (2-Run) all hit homers.

Pitching – Phelps went 3.1 innings with 4 hits 0ER 2K, and has a 0.00era.

Charleston W 3-2

Mason Williams was just awarded the player of the week click here to read the article.

Williams had a solo home run in the game.

Tyler Austin went hitless having a walk and strikeout his average is still very high at .329

Dante Bichette Jr. had two hits

Gary Sanchez had 1 hit and 2 Rbi’s his average is .313

Pitching – Matt Bashore picked up the win he is now 1-1 on the season.  Bashore went 5 innings giving up 2 hits, 2 walks, striking out 4.  His era is at 1.00

Staten Island W 7-2

Saxon Butler (He is my guy to watch) – 1R, 2H (solo homer), 1RBI, .435

Fu-Lin Kuo – 1R, 3H (Double), 3RBI, .625

Pitching – Evan Rutckyj went 6.2 innings earning the win giving up 4 hits with 2 earned runs, 2 walks and striking out 4.  His era is now at 3.97.

Gulf Coast W 2-1

Austin Jones – 1H (Double), 1K, .316

Mikeson Oliberto – 1R, 3H (Double), .278

Jorge Alcantara – 1H, 2RBI, 2BB, .250


David Aardsma – 2.oIP, 2H, 3K, 0.00  – Good to see that he still hasn’t given up a run. Should be in the Bronx in under 30 days.

Morning Bits: Swisher, Indians, Scranton Yankees, Gardner

Nice series for the Yankees as they take 2 out of 3 from the Mets and 5 of 6 overall.   New series starts tonight against Cleveland which can be seen on YES or ESPN2.   First pitch is scheduled for 7pm.

Enjoy the day now onto the links….

Mike Mazzeo of ESPN NY has all the quotes from the Yankees last night.  Of course Swisher had this one, “Not bad for a bunch of chickens”.

Justin Albers of MLB.COM has the preview of the Yanks vs Indians series.

— New York Times writer David Waldstein looks into how the Yankees feasted on the National League during inter-league play.

— The Scranton Wilkes Yanks halt six – game skid.

Jeff Bradley of The Star Ledger had a good column from yesterday about how the Yankees aren’t complete until Brett Gardner returns.

Morning Bits: Swisher, Sabathia, Minor League Links

Well the Yankees have won 9 straight having swept the Mets, Braves and Nationals. The Yanks again take on the Braves with the new series starting tonight at 7pm ET at Yankee Stadium. Here are your morning links…

— Nick Swisher was not in the lineup in yesterday’s game because of what he called “like the worst charley horse ever”, and he needed crutches to leave the clubhouse last night.

— C.C. Sabathia through looking back at videotape has noticed a fixable flaw in his mechanics.

— The Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees stormed past Syracuse yesterday and are now five games back behind the Pawtucket Red Sox in the International Leeague North Division.

— The Staten Island Yankees look to defend their New York-Penn league title with completely new faces.

Have a great day everyone!

Spring Training Notes 3/7/12

Hiroki Kuroda pitching during today's 4-0 loss to the Rays

Good evening everyone! Today we saw the Yankees bat struggle for the third straight game offensively and we also saw Hiroki Kuroda take the mound today. Here are today’s notes:

— The Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees will change their name for the 2012 season since they are not in their ballpark due to construction: The Empire State Yankees.

— Some observations on Hiroki Kuroda from today: Kuroda was able to spot his pitches and had an effective splitter. The only bad pitch he made was a hanging curve ball which drove in 2 runs in a 3 run inning. He was also able to hit 95 MPH multiple times today which was impressive.

— There was something that Ken Singleton & David Cone said during today’s YES Network broadcast that made me understand what it means to be a pitcher. You can throw as hard as you want, but you can still get hit around because your pitches are in the middle of the plate. It’s better to be a pitcher that throws 89 MPH – 92 MPH and that has good location than a pitcher that throws 95 MPH – 96 MPH and having no location at all.

— Russell Martin and Hiroki Kuroda have a pitcher catcher bond already. Well, Martin & Kuroda were both on the Dodgers at one point, so there is the comfort zone.

— Mariano Rivera will throw another live batting practice tomorrow and will soon get in on the Spring Training action.

Note: Tomorrow’s Yankees Game will not be on television or radio but on Friday the Yankees return to YES. Saturday is a radio game and Sunday is a YES game, so there is your Yankees for the weekend.

Some Tweets:!/YESNetwork/status/177062159195439105!/BryanHoch/status/177502459353247744

Talk about whatever you like in the comment section.

Have a good night everyone!

Morning Bits: Are the Yanks really better in 2012?, SWB Yankees, Kuroda, Rivera

Good morning everyone and what a fantastic Sunday it is! Today is FINALLY the day where Pitchers and Catchers report for Spring Training although a lot of the players are already at the complex. Here are your morning links for today.

Fishjam was up early today so I added a bunch of links. Some good ones in here. Enjoy!

— Very interesting piece by Wallace Matthews & Andrew Marchand stating that pitching wasn’t the Yankees problem last year, clutch hitting was and asks the question, Is the team really better in 2012? I’d like to hear everyone’s comments after reading this.

— The Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees don’t have their stadium this year, so their home stadium will be in Rochester for the season.

— The NY Post says pitching is still the team’s biggest question mark.  The Daily News also has their 5 biggest questions in their ST Preview.

— The Post also has a story on Kuroda.  Interesting quote from a NL scout who says Kuroda “isn’t afraid to knock somebody down.  I think he will be very good for the Yankees.”

— Newsday has Cashman and Larry Rotschild discussing having 6 starters and the team’s pitching depth.

–Wallace Matthews of ESPN wrote that A.J Burnett deserved his pay on one fateful night; October 29, 2009

— Wallace Matthews also wrote an article asking if we are expecting too much from veteran closer Mariano Rivera.

SWB Yankees: On the Road?

Teams in all leagues enjoy the thought of coming home after a long road-trip, sitting in their own clubhouse, working out on their own field and enjoying the advantages they have when teams come to visit them.

One team that won’t be so lucky is the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees.

The Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees are having a $40 Million ballpark makeover but the Yanks won’t be able to play in their own ballpark for the whole 2012 season. Instead they will be playing the whole season at parks that they are less familiar with. With that said, the Scranton Wilkes-Barre Yankees won’t be the road team during the whole season – they will be the home team in half of their games just as always.

However, it could definitely be hard for the Scranton Yanks, because constantly being on the move will result in fatigue. Also, the Yanks will be at a disadvantage against other teams, as they won’t be in their own ballpark.

Take the New York Yankees for example. Imagine that the Yankees needed construction on Yankee Stadium and they couldn’t play there the whole year. Instead the Yankees would be in different stadiums for home games. Not all ballparks play to the strength of the Yankee players. For example, a Curtis Granderson double to right in Comerica Park might just be a homer at Yankee Stadium. Or, if you had Brett Gardner playing in front of the Green Monster at Fenway Park, his excellent range wouldn’t have the same impact as it would in left-field at Yankee Stadium.

Now apply all of those things into Scranton. Having an outfielder who is used to the dimensions of PNC Field, but is constantly on the move could alter their game. If one of their pitchers is more tailored for pitching at PNC Field, then that advantage is taken away. If they have a power hitter who constantly hits it over the right field wall, they won’t get as many homers because the dimensions in the other stadium could be larger.

Some of the players that we have in Scranton are prized prospects so all the traveling will take a huge toll on them. I would suggest that, to prevent getting overwhelmed, some of them should be sent to Trenton. The Thunder, unlike Scranton Wilkes-Barres, have their ballpark during the year, and it would be best if the prospects didn’t have to deal with the wear and tear of traveling constantly.

Scranton obviously has a lot to deal with since they have to be on the road all year and, let’s face it, the life of a minor league player isn’t glamorous in the first place. But if they are able to come out of this with something positive, then maybe the obstacles that were in the way were there for a reason. Plus, they would have experience with doing it again if they ever have to.