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Morning Bits 7/20/11

Good morning all.  Good start from Colon last night but he gets the lose.  Them the brakes. Good news though is that Boston lost as well.  Yankees back at it again today.

Here are your morning links…

* It’s more than likley that the Yankees are not going to beef up their rotation.

* Chavez is nearing his return and knows his window is closing.

* Nova was injured last night in the SWB game.  That’s not good news at all.

* As reported yesterday Mitre is already on the DL.




Boston 58 37 .611 28-17 30-20 515 401 +114 Lost 1 8-2
NY Yankees 56 38 .596 1.5 30-19 26-19 481 367 +114 Lost 1 5-5
Tampa Bay 51 44 .537 7 23-24 28-20 401 366 +35 Won 1 4-6
Toronto 48 49 .495 11 22-24 26-25 458 440 +18 Won 1 6-4
Baltimore 39 55 .415 18.5 25-25 14-30 394 493 -99 Won 1 3-7

NYY @ TB 7/19/11

This place looks like a DUMP.

Derek Jeter SS
Curtis Granderson CF
Mark Teixeira 1B
Robinson Cano 2B
Nick Swisher RF
Jorge Posada DH
Russell Martin C
Brett Gardner LF
Eduardo Nunez 3B

Bartolo Colon P

Yankees recalled LHP Steve Garrison from Double-A Trenton.

The corresponding roster move hasn’t been announced yet, though Sergio Mitre is expected to go on the disabled list. Garrison, 24, hasn’t enjoyed much luck at the Double-A level this season, posting a bloated 6.26 ERA and 31/12 K/BB ratio over 46 innings.

Yankees placed RHP Sergio Mitre on the 15-day disabled list, retroactive to July 16, with right shoulder tendinitis.

Mitre has been sick over the past few days, so he was likely going to be unavailable in the short-term, anyway. The 30-year-old right-hander has allowed nine runs (seven earned) on nine hits over 5 1/3 innings since being reacquired by the Yankees at the end of June. Steve Garrison has replaced him on the active roster.

Yankee Players Answer Survey About Each Other

The New York Yankees aren’t just about work all the time, they take the time to hang out and just plainly fool around. So when the Yankees were asked a series of questions about each other, they had no trouble voicing their opinion.

1. Which Yankee would be the loudest on the team plane?

Winner: Nick Swisher

Runner Up:  Joba Chamberlain

Also mentioned: Eduardo Nunez

When the players were asked who was the loudest, they all had to point their fingers at Nick Swisher. Even when some of the players are on their Blackberry’s or iPads with headphones in their ears, Nick Swisher can drown out the sound of the movie or music, just by his bubbly personality and voice.

“Without a doubt, hands down, No.33, Nick Swisher.” Sergio Mitre said. “It’s funny; it’s good and entertaining-there’s just no off-switch. But it’s good. I like it.”

2. Who primps and takes the longest to get ready postgame?

Winner: Francisco Cervelli

Runner Up: Sergio Mitre

Also mentioned: Robinson Cano, Nick Swisher

Imagine coming into the locker room after a hard day’s work, just wanting to either get home or get on the plane to the next city to play another ball club. Well, there will always be that someone who takes the longest to get ready. That someone is Francisco Cervelli. When asked why he takes so long, Phil Hughes easily explained, “He’s always trying to get the mini-fauxhawk going.”

Each Yankee has a variety of hair styles, some that take no work at all and some that involve some gel. Mark Teixeira likes to keep it simple just in case it’s getaway day. But Cervelli does take the longest to get ready, which might sometimes cause him to be late.

3. Who is the slowest Yankee?

Winner: Jorge Posada

Runner Up: Bartolo Colon

Also mentioned: Nick Swisher, CC Sabathia, Boone Logan

When Robinson Cano was asked who was the slowest Yankee and answered Posada, he didn’t think Posada would be standing near him to hear the answer. When Posada heard the answer he quickly defended himself in a tone that was a mix of quiet and menacing.

“I am not the slowest runner here. Swisher is the slowest runner here. He didn’t even want to run at Spring Training this year. That tells you right there.” Posada mentioned all while Robinson Cano was cracking up behind him. The rest of his teammates were unmoved, as they answered that Posada was the slowest Yankee on the team.

4. Who is the best dressed?

Winner: Andruw Jones

Runner Up: Robinson Cano

Also mentioned: Freddy Garcia, Nick Swisher, Mariano Rivera

Even though Alex Rodriguez had made it on the Esquire Top 10 best dressed list, he couldn’t seem to crack the top 5 with the Yankees. Instead, Andruw Jones won them over with his relaxed style custom design suits, while all Robinson Cano would need to do is put on sun glasses with his suit to easily get runner up.

5. Who would be the toughest to beat in arm-wrestling?

Winner: Bartolo Colon

Runner Up: Russell Martin

Also mentioned: Alex Rodriguez, CC Sabathia

There are a lot of strong guys on the Yankees, but when it comes to arm-wrestling, most of the Yankees say that Bartolo Colon could beat them in a game, strongly because of his grip. But Russell Martin was getting talked about when it came to arm wrestling.

“That’s a tough one. There are a couple of strong guys here. Russell’s a strong man. But if you are going pound for pound, then I’d go with A-Rod cause he’s bigger.” Andruw Jones said.

“Russell Martin. He has one of those short, stocky, stumpy arms.” Nick Swisher jokingly stated with a slight cackle. Yes, the Yankees are very strong, but when it comes to arm-wrestling, you need the right muscle.

6. Who is the most likely to have  a deer mounted above their fireplace?

Winner: Boone Logan

Runner Up: Brett Gardner

Also mentioned: David Robertson

When it came to this question, almost everyone pointed their fingers to Boone Logan. Sure there are some guys that hunt and fish like Gardner and Robertson, but most of the votes went to Logan. He may have been born in San Antonio, but around the Yankees clubhouse he is southern royalty. When asked what his teammates thought of the question, Logan took pride.

“Definitely me. Everybody’s gonna say me.”

7. Who would you most want at your side in a brawl?

Winner: Sergio Mitre

Runner Up: Russell Martin

Also mentioned: CC Sabathia, Alex Rodriguez, Jorge Posada

Sergio Mitre was the unanimous choice on this question, due to his extensive fighting background. Mitre grew up in Mexico, and when his father became tired of seeing him bloodied up, he put in him different fighting classes to increase his skills.

“He (Mitre’s dad) put me in martial arts-Chinese Kempo, boxing, wrestling. I have a full rounded education.” After 6 years no one wanted to fight Mitre, not even his teammates. Unfortunately he hasn’t put those skills to good use, and has never came out of the bullpen to fight during a brawl. Red Sox, beware. The guy had to be good for something right?

8. Who would score the best at “Jeopardy”?

Winner: Mark Teixeira

Runner Up: Brett Gardner

Also mentioned: Curtis Granderson

Mark Teixeira being the winner of this question was expected as he had been a good student at Georgia Tech, but if he was paired with Brett Gardner in “Jeopardy” then it would be an interesting competition. Brett’s teammates were surprised with Brett’s knowledge has he knew random but interesting information.

“Gardy knows a lot of random stuff. We play trivia on the team plane.” Phil Hughes said of his teammate. The one that they all said was the worst at trivia? David Robertson.

“D-Rob would probably come in last.” Hughes joked. Well, we know David Robertson’s a smart fellow, but “Jeopardy” might not be on his cup of tea.

9. Best at cards and video games.

Winner: CC Sabathia

Runner Up: Russell Martin

Also mentioned: Brett Gardner

When CC Sabathia was named the winner for playing cards, Sabathia was a bit surprised by his teammates.

“What? I don’t ever really play cards.” Sabathia answered. But no one else in the Yankees clubhouse really plays cards. Mostly you can find guys like Russell Martin & Brett Gardner in front of the television playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops”  on the clubhouse video game system. Martin and some of his teammates were invited to a preview of “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3” and saying they enjoyed it, was an understatement.

10. Which Yankee would have been most likely to be class president in high school?

Winner: Curtis Granderson

Runner Up: Mark Teixeira

Also mentioned: None

When asked this question, everyone said Curtis Granderson could have been president in high school. There was a reason that Curtis Granderson was sent on trips by the MLB. It’s because he never says the wrong thing and has a positive attitude to everything.

“The guy is Obama Jr.” Robinson Cano said.

Don’t be shocked if you see Curtis Granderson running for politics after he retires from baseball.

Yankees Grades Part 2: Bullpen

Here are your grades for the New York Yankees Bullpen!


Final Grade: A+

Description: One of my favorite topics is David Robertson and apparently he is one of the Yankees fans favorite topic as well. Ever since Joba Chamberlain had Tommy John Surgery, David Robertson came up and took the task at hand. Robertson’s numbers were phenomenal, with a 2-0 record, a 1.27 ERA in 35.1 innings and if you think that’s not great, Robertson had 56 K’s. Robertson also has the second lowest ERA in the American League and has earned the name “Houdini” for his daredevil pitching style. If Robertson continues to pitch the way he did in the first half, then he could be in for a big contract with the Yankees.


Final Grade: A-

Description: When you hear Enter Sandman in Yankees Stadium, it only means one thing: Mariano Rivera is coming. Mo has had a good season thus far, with a 1-1 record and a 1.84 ERA. The only reason Mariano Rivera gets an A- is because he had already blown 4 save opportunities for the Yankees. Last year Rivera had only blown 5 saves the whole year and this year he already has 4. But guess what? Mariano is human. Just like Robertson or Logan might mess up, Mariano messes up as well. Mariano overall has been dominant and is the best closer in baseball. Lets hope (and we all know) that Mariano will be dominant in the second half as well.


Final Grade: C-

Description: In the beginning of the year, Boone Logan looked like a lost cause. He couldn’t get either righties or lefties, and he was apparently the lefty specialist. Everything seemed lost for Logan, until the pitching whisperer sat him down and talked to him, and by pitching whisperer I meant Alex Rodriguez (running for future pitching coach anyone?). It was after Boone Logan plunked Joey Votto in the inter-league game against the Cincinnati Reds that A-Rod had a talk with him. Since then, Boone Logan had gained confidence and was always brought in to deal with the heart of the opposing team’s lineup, and easily retiring them. Logan still gets into trouble here and there, but he has learned the ways of “Houdini” and strands them there. If he can bring that into the second half, there will be no doubt that his grades will go up.


Final Grade: B

Description: With all the talk of David Robertson and Mariano Rivera, Luis Ayala has slowly made a name in the Yankees clubhouse. In 27 innings, Ayala has a 1-2 record with a 1.33 ERA & 19 K’s. Ayala is not as splendid as Robertson, but he has done his job in retiring hitters, and making it look easy as well. If Luis Ayala continues this into the second half of the season then he will be a valuable piece in the bullpen.


Final Grade: B

Description: Cory Wade has been another valuable piece in the bullpen for the Yankees and he doesn’t seem to slow it down. Wade is currently 1-0 with a 1.86 ERA after signing a contract with the Yankees. Wade’s appearance between the Cleveland Indians was the reason that his ERA is creeping towards 2, with 2 earned runs on a homer. Ironically those are the only 2 runs that Wade has given to an opponent team. If Wade can continue this performance into the second half, again he would be another valuable piece as with Ayala.


Final Grade: F

Description: Oh Sergio Mitre, I am going to say this in the nicest way possible: why did the Yankees get you back? In the beginning of the season Mitre was traded to the Brewers for Chris Dickerson (Who I might add has done well for the Yanks, but we’ll get to him later). For whatever reason possible, the Yankees brought him back into the bullpen for an undisclosed amount. Well, I think the Brewers gave us a defunct pitcher cause Yankee fans are demanding a refund. In his 2 innings that he pitched as a Yankee he has a 15.43 ERA and opponents are batting .250 against him. Isn’t the job of a pitcher getting hitters out and not giving up runs? Unless Sergio Mitre picks it up in the second half of the season, then he will lose the faith that the Yankees fans have left in him. Want an example Mitre? Take a look at Mike Gonzalez for the Orioles.


Final Grade: D

Description: The Yankees had originally gotten Rafael Soriano as an 8th inning guy, and originally the Yankees had the bullpen layout JoSoMo (Joba in the 7th, Rafael in the 8th & Mariano in the 9th), but Soriano had not been able to get the job done. Soriano had a 1-1 record with a 5.40 ERA. To add to the Soriano drama, Soriano was placed on the 60-Day DL for elbow soreness. We’ll see how Soriano performs once he comes off the DL, or if he comes off the DL at all. From this point, Soriano has not sparkled, but hopefully he will open our eyes soon.


Final Grade: B+

Description: I was surprised when a lot of people didn’t include Joba Chamberlain in there grading, as he was apart of the bullpen in the 1st half of the season before getting season ending Tommy John Surgery. From what I’ve seen of Joba Chamberlain, he had pitched very well. He had looked dominant. Chamberlain had a 2-0 record with a 2.83 ERA. If that’s not dealing then I don’t know what it is. It was a shame that Chamberlain had surgery which ended his season, cause he was on fire. Hopefully we will see more great things from Chamberlain next season, but till then even though his season was short, he had been a very important part of it.

UP NEXT: Yankees Outfielders