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Why Not Manny Ramirez?

Manny is low-risk, high reward

I have made it clear since the departure of Jesus Montero that the Yankees need to add a legitimate hitter, advocating for  Chase Headley, Seth Smith, Clint Robinson, Billy Butler & Daniel Murphy among others.  However, since Cashman seems intent on signing an over-the-hill DH from the Free Agent trash heap that still remains, I have a recommendation for him.  Give Manny Ramirez a look.

This article from explains Manny’s situation as it seems Oakland is zeroing in on him:

Baseball sources confirmed to that A’s officials recently traveled to Florida to observe Ramirez’s workouts. If the two sides reach an agreement, Ramirez would earn slightly more than the league minimum of $480,000, according to the Associated Press.

We already know all of the reasons not to sign Manny, but under the circumstances, almost all risk is mitigated.  He will make absolutely nothing – available for the league minimum.  And although he will face a 50 game suspension, he is permitted to play in Spring Training games and Extended Spring Training Games.  So the team that signs him will get a long look at him to evaluate what he has left in the tank.  If it’s nothing, he can be dropped at anytime for no cost since I don’t believe he can even collect his salary while suspended.  Billy Beane may be making a wise move even though he already has plenty of options at OF and DH.  Manny will be eligible around June and if he shows promise, Beane will trade him to a contender.

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