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Offseason decisions coming back to haunt Yanks as deadline looms


Well, it’s finally here. It’s July 31st, otherwise known as the non-waiver trading deadline, and in a matter of hours the Yankees will have either added another bat, or decided  to ride out the remainder of the season with the guys they have.

Coming off a stinging loss by way of a walk-off single by Dodgers’ second baseman Mark Ellis, the team now stands at 55-51. Slowly sinking closer to the mediocre .500 mark, the Yanks have now fully embodied the club we all expected them to be when the season opened – a power-less, atrocious offense coupled with good, but not great pitching.

Sitting 8.5 games out of first place in the A.L. East and somehow just 3.5 games out of the Wild Card race, the Yanks are by no means “done”. Brian Cashman Ownership brought back Alfonso Soriano, Jeter has returned, and Curtis Granderson is finishing up his rehab assignment, so the lineup will certainly be given a boost by having those guys back.

Meanwhile on the pitching front, (aside from CC and when Hughes starts at the Stadium) things have been improving. Pettitte is finding his groove again, Nova is pitching even better than in his breakout 2011 season, and Kuroda continues to be a dark horse in the A.L. Cy Young race. The bullpen continues to impress with the likes of Shawn Kelley, Boone Logan, D-Rob, and of course Mo, so there is nothing to really be concerned about there.

This is stating the obvious, but for the first time in years, the lineup is the overwhelming achilles heel to this season. Even with Sabathia’s treacherous season and Hughes’ long-ball woes, this current pitching staff coupled with any Yankees lineup from the past decade would easily win 90+ games.

But that’s the thing – this isn’t any Yankees lineup from the past decade. It’s 2013’s.

There’s no Sheffield, no Bernie, no Giambi, no Abreu, no Matsui, no Posada, no Swisher, no Teixeira, no A-Rod…must I keep going? Even with Sori, Jeet, and Grandy, they would need a Giancarlo Stanton-caliber bat added to the mix to really make them a threatening team. With the way Tampa Bay, Baltimore, and Boston are all playing, even if there are signs of improvement from the players currently on the roster, I can’t imagine it being enough in the end.

As mentioned, the Yankees are either going to make a move, or they won’t. Stanton is not on the block, nor does the team have the caliber of prospects needed to make a deal even if he was. The best hitter that could be on the move is Hunter Pence, followed by Michael Young, Nate Schierholtz, and [depending on Schierholtz] David DeJesus. Pence is adamant about staying with San Francisco, Young prefers Boston than the Bronx, and the Yankees have too many outfielders to realistically take on a Schierholtz or DeJesus.

Like I said, even if any of those guys were to be fitted for pinstripes in the next few hours, it wouldn’t make much of a difference when comparing this “Bombers” lineup to that of the Orioles, Red Sox, or even the Rays. Power is not the tell-all, be-all factor of a team, but all three clubs have, and can out-slug the Yanks, even in their own bandbox known as the new Yankee Stadium.

It would be great to see the team rally around Mariano Rivera’s final season and go out and make a valiant playoff push, but I just don’t see it happening. At it’s worse the pitching has been steadily above-average, but at it’s best the lineup is nothing close to deserving of a spot in October.

Maybe I’m being harsh, and perhaps this club as constructed could have been better in another season with less competition. But the fact remains that the Yankees picked the worst year possible to let so many core guys (Nick Swisher, Russell Martin, and Raul Ibanez) leave via free agency, and just hope that the oldest team in baseball would have one last magical run in them.

Clearly they don’t, and no matter what happens by 4 o’clock PM today, the Yanks should begin making plans to go golfing come this fall. It’s unfortunate, but we can’t act like we didn’t see this coming.

The time is now to trade Joba and Hughes

image-6It still seems like yesterday when, in 2007, two Yankee mainstay pitchers of the past seven seasons made their first appearances in pinstripes.

First, there was 20-year old Phil Hughes, a hard throwing right-hander who drew comparisons to Roger Clemens as he advanced through the farm system. Drafted 23rd overall in the 2004 amateur draft, the Yankees had high hopes that finally, after a dry spell of All-Star caliber players emerging from the minors, that Hughes would become their ace for the next decade. Due to injuries to the pitching staff, he came up and made his debut on April 26th, 2007, finishing the year with 72.2 innings under his belt and a respectable 4.46 ERA for such a young starting pitcher in such a ferocious AL East division.

Then there was Joba Chamberlain, who was drafted 41st overall in 2006. Not even a full calendar year after signing his first contract, the then 21-year old Joba burst upon the scene when he pumped 100 mph fastballs past a dazed Blue Jays team in Toronto on August 7th. His pure dominance of each batter he faced allowed Joe Torre to entrust him with the eighth inning job, setting up Mariano Rivera. Like Mo had done years prior, it was the hope of the organization that Joba would start out as the bridge to a dominant closer, and then become one. Allowing one earned run in 24 innings surely reassured any of the doubters.

Since such promising starts to their careers in ’07, both Hughes and Chamberlain have endured injuries, moves into and out of the bullpen, and flat out inconsistent performances. There have certainly been bright spots along the way for both hurlers, however.

Hughes pitched to a 3.03 ERA in 2009, starting out as a starter and then filling the role of set-up man admirably. And after permanently being put back into the rotation in 2010, he won 18 games. Also, Joba was putting together a terrific 2011 season [2.83 ERA in 28.2 innings pitched] before he underwent Tommy John surgery.

Yet, to claim their Yankee careers to date have been successful ones would probably be a misguided belief. They are now in what are considered their “prime” years, and yet 2013 has been one of the ugliest for Joba and Phil. Of course, with the offense the pitching staff has to deal with or lack thereof, both are certainly under a lot of stress and any small mistakes they make are magnified like never before. But, there is no escaping the fact that both of them have underperformed, no matter the circumstances.

Yes, Hughes has had his share of good starts this season, but they are normally sandwiched in-between horrible outings. It is still fresh in this fan’s mind that he allowed 7 runs in the first inning to the Mariners, who in all respect have a better offense than last season, but certainly not good enough to put up rallies like that against even an average starter. But as I said, then he goes out the other night in Seattle against the very same team and throws seven shutout innings. It’s frustrating, bizarre, and as much potential as he has to be great every night, the times that he isn’t have really cost the Yankees so far this year.

At this point it really doesn’t matter what Joba Chamberlain does, because he is in the doghouse for eternity with Yankee fans. No matter how he “shushed” Mariano Rivera, all I care about is what happens on the field, and even still Joba has been disappointing. Granted, he did miss practically the whole month of May with a strained right oblique, but collectively in 2013 he has given up three more hits than innings pitched, a red flag right off the bat. Even when he has an “effective” outing, he still often gets into trouble  by nibbling at the corners and forgetting that he boasts a 95 mph fastball that still has some bite left in it. He too has been such a streaky pitcher, and ultimately you’d have to hope it wouldn’t last long in New York. Right?

Well, that is why I strongly consider that the Yankees trade not just one of them, but both Joba and Phil. Like I started the article saying, these two guys have been here for a long time, and it certainly would be odd not seeing them in the dugout or on the mound every other day. But it’s been shown that when they are “on”, Chamberlain and Hughes can be two of the most dominating pitchers in the American League, and that potential alone attracts pitching-deprived teams.

With the way the Yankees lineup has fallen into its worst slump since likely before I was born, I am shocked there aren’t many rumors going around about the team trading some of its pitchers. The pitching has been tremendous, Hughes and Joba aside, so what is holding back Cashman from dumping them off for a bat? I’m not talking players. A literal bat.

Maybe I’m being too harsh, but the fact remains that the Yankees are not a better team with Joba and Hughes on the roster than they are with them off it. Now I have no specific players I would target, which may be where my argument falls a bit flat, but there has to be a match somewhere. There always is, if the Yankees want one. It would be bittersweet to trade Joba, and especially Hughes, but giving up on these guys in a trade would be a signal to me that the Yanks are not by any means ready to surrender their AL East crown, which is still very much in reach with the right reinforcements.

Get to work Cash. You too Joba and Phil.

Morning Bits 7/31/11

Welcome to the last day of the month everyone.  Great two game double header for the Yankees yesterday as the hits and runs were aplenty.

Another game with the Birds today.  Please stick around to our blog today as the trade deadline ends today at 4PM EST.

and here are your morning links.

* The Yankees push never got off the ground for Jiminez.   I’m happy with that.  The Yankees keep their stud prospects and don’t get a guy who has lost his fastball and to me would have been another A.J.

* Yankees #1 priority is a #2 pitcher.

* The Yankees helped Haitian refugee children with HOPE week.



Boston 65 40 .619 33-19 32-21 581 440 +141 Won 1 7-3
NY Yankees 63 42 .600 2 36-22 27-20 556 408 +148 Won 2 6-4
Tampa Bay 55 51 .519 10.5 24-25 31-26 446 423 +23 Lost 1 4-6
Toronto 54 53 .505 12 27-26 27-27 503 490 +13 Lost 1 6-4
Baltimore 42 62 .404 22.5 26-28 16-34 428 556 -128 Lost 2 3-7

Morning Bits 7/30/11

Good morning all…. No win last night but at least Boston lost as well.

Here are your morning links.

* Savy deadline deals are not a Yankee specialty.

* Soriano is very glad to return to the Yankees.

* The talks between the Yankees and Colorado have stalled for Jiminez.






Boston 64 40 .615 33-19 31-21 571 438 +133 Lost 2 6-4
NY Yankees 61 42 .592 2.5 34-22 27-20 531 402 +129 Lost 2 5-5
Tampa Bay 55 50 .524 9.5 24-25 31-25 444 420 +24 Won 2 4-6
Toronto 54 52 .509 11 27-25 27-27 503 487 +16 Won 3 7-3
Baltimore 42 60 .412 21 26-28 16-32 422 531 -109 Won 1 4-6

Morning Bits 7/28/11

Good morning all.  Be sure to keep checking back during the day/night for the latest Yankees Rumors/trades.

and here are your morning links…

* Bill Madden thinks Nova should be replacing Phil Hughes.   I agree 100%.  I’d rather be playing for the division than the wild card.

* Don’t understand his thinking but Girardi is satisfied with his starting pitching.

* Yankees are keeping an eye on the Dodgers Kuroda

* SWB Yankees are now on a five game win streak thanks to another win last night.



Boston 64 38 .627 33-18 31-20 567 431 +136 Won 2 8-2
NY Yankees 61 41 .598 3 34-21 27-20 529 398 +131 Lost 1 6-4
Tampa Bay 53 50 .515 11.5 24-25 29-25 426 412 +14 Lost 3 3-7
Toronto 52 52 .500 13 25-25 27-27 492 480 +12 Won 1 5-5
Baltimore 41 59 .410 22 26-28 15-31 413 521 -108 Lost 1 5-5

Morning Bits 7/27/11

Good morning.  Great showing from C.C. last night.  He sure is making a statement and will most likely opt out of his contract at the end of the year.

Today is day baseball for the Yankees.

And here are your morning links…

* Reports say the Yankees have the best shot in landing Ubaldo Jiminez.  In my opinion he will most likely turn out to be another A.J. Burnett.

* Thank God Eric Chavez finally returned to the lineup last night after 3 months on the disabled list.  He had an RBI in his debut.

* The SWB Yankees poured on the runs last night. Both Montero and Vazquez had homeruns.


Boston 63 38 .624 32-18 31-20 555 426 +129 Won 1 8-2
NY Yankees 61 40 .604 2 34-20 27-20 527 389 +138 Won 3 7-3
Tampa Bay 53 49 .520 10.5 24-25 29-24 422 399 +23 Lost 2 3-7
Toronto 51 52 .495 13 24-25 27-27 489 480 +9 Lost 1 5-5
Baltimore 41 58 .414 21 26-28 15-30 413 518 -105 Won 1 5-5

Morning Bits 7/14/11

Good morning all.  Baseball is finally back tonight.

and here are your morning links…

* The Yankees rejected a deal with K-Rod that was similar to the deal that the Brewers pulled off.

* Also in trade rumors it is being reported that the Yankees are not interested in Carlos Beltran.

* George Steinbrener is remembered one year after his passing.


Morning Bits 7/9/11

Good morning all. No game last night (booooooo) make up in late September.  Day game today.  Enjoy the day.

and here are your morning links….

* What do you think of the Yankees maybe trading and bringing back Alfonso Soriano or Aramis Ramirez from the cubs?

* A-Rod is out of the All Star game as he going to rest his injuries which is most likely the best idea for the team.

* Granderson’s power is more than expected.





Boston 53 35 .602 26-17 27-18 470 365 +105 Won 4 8-2
NY Yankees 51 35 .593 1 28-19 23-16 449 330 +119 Lost 2 6-4
Tampa Bay 49 39 .557 4 21-21 28-18 376 337 +39 Won 2 5-5
Toronto 43 47 .478 11 19-22 24-25 414 411 +3 Won 1 4-6
Baltimore 36 50 .419 16 22-22 14-28 349 442 -93 Lost 5 1-9