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YFU Exclusive Interview with 1st Round Draft Pick Ty Hensley

Ty Hensley meets the press at the Stadium

I had a great opportunity to interview Yankees #1 Draft Pick Ty Hensley who recently signed a $1.2 Million contract with the team on July 12th.  Hensley is a 6’5″ 215 pound RHP from Santa Fe High School in Oklahoma who was committed to attend college at Ole Miss before the Draft.  It seemed he would definitely sign with the Yanks but after a routine MRI turned up “abnormalities” in his right shoulder, the negotiations went right down to the wire before Hensley signed right before the deadline.  He was kind enough to offer some insight into the process as well as talk about his  baseball bloodlines and offer an in-depth self-scouting report.  Here is the interview in its entirety with my questions in BLUE.(Great job by Matt to set up this interview)

I know your father (Mike Hensley) was drafted by the Cardinals (53rd overall pick in 1988 Draft) and was a college coach at Oral Roberts & Kansas State.  What was it like to have a Pitching Coach as a Father your whole life?

I was really blessed and fortunate to have that opportunity.  I took every single advantage of that growing up.  He’s so knowledgable about the game and has been through all of the stuff I’m going through – pro ball, the draft.  He was really instrumental in helping me make my decisions as far as college and later professionally.  He’s always been there for me as a father and a coach – and has always known when it’s time to be a Dad and when it’s time to be a coach.  I was really fortunate to have that situation growing up and I can’t say enough good things about him.

Reading some of your interviews and talking to you now, it’s obvious you have a vast knowledge of the game for a young man.  Do you think that helps you on the field?

Growing up around the game and with my father coaching I lived at the baseball field and was always around baseball guys because my Dad had so many connections and he knew so many people.  Growing up around that it just introduced me to the world I’m apart of now. I think it definitely helps me on the field because you get the insight of what other people are thinking and the more you know what others are thinking the better the advantage you have against them.

As a student of the game, give us a Scouting report on yourself and your repertoire.

I throw a 4 seam and 2 seam fastball, sit in the 92-95 range, touching 97-98.  I maintain my velocity well throughout the game and feel like I have good life on my fastball.  My best pitch is my 12 to 6 Curveball, I throw about 78 to 81 mph.  I’m really pleased with how my Changeup is coming along and its gonna be a big pitch for me moving forward…I throw in the 84 to 86 range.

Are you comfortable with your 2-seamer and how do you decide when to throw the 4-seam or 2-seam fastball?

I’m comfortable with both of them.  It’s more of a feel thing – if before I throw a pitch I feel I need a little extra movement I’ll throw the 2-seam, but I definitely throw my 4-seam a lot more often  than the 2-seamer. Read the rest of this entry