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Yankees Mailbag: 5/25/12

Hello Yankees fans, and welcome to another Yankees Mailbag! I haven’t done these types of articles in a while and given the current state of the Yankees, I thought it would have been the right time to do one. Let’s re-cap what’s happened so far, shall we? Yankees lost some vital parts to their team; players such as Mariano Rivera, David Robertson & Brett Gardner. The Yankees pitching has looked pretty shaky to begin the season and apparently it looks as if the Sandman sprinkled some of his magic dust on the Yankees offense. You sent your questions in via Twitter and now, I shall answer them. Let’s get started shall we.

The first question comes form @yankees_cris. As a matter of fact, he asked a couple of questions about the Yankees. Here is his first question.

@yankee_cris: Given the current rotation, would you trade for an additional starter?

With the Yankees struggles in the rotation, it wouldn’t hurt to trade for an additional starter, but I don’t believe the Yankees will make such a move. If I could, I would probably trade Freddy Garcia for another arm, but again I don’t see that happening. What the Yankees could do though is either stretch out David Phelps or they could bring up D.J Mitchell to be a starter if they need to. Both players have great numbers, so if the rotation does end up sinking those two could be a quick backup plan.

@yankee_cris: Do you think Nunez will be down at AAA for the rest of the season? When should they bring him back up?

I don’t think Eduardo Nunez will be down in AAA for the rest of the season. The Yankees originally sent down Eduardo Nunez so that he could work on his defense which he will be doing once he gets off the DL. The Yankees might bring Nunez back up if they see his errors decrease. No question Nunez has a great bat, but the Yankees want him to get the every day playing time so that his glove can catch up to the rest of him.

@yankee_cris: Are you a fan of personal catchers? Seems Stewart is only catching CC. Think CC will get too comfortable with only Stewart?

To answer the first part, I like the idea of a personal catcher because it’s the same person once every 5 days. The personal catcher really gets to know the pitcher which is important in any ball game. I don’t think CC will get comfortable with only Stewart since he has seen other catchers before. CC recently worked with mostly Russell Martin in 2011 and in 2010 he worked with Jorge Posada. CC knows how to adjust to different catchers so I don’t think Stewart being in there every 5 days for just CC is a big deal. It’s important for the catcher to know at least one person on the staff and Girardi chose to pair Stewart with Sabathia which hasn’t been a bad paring at all.

Our next question comes from @dp57. She asks:

@dp57  Why don’t the Yankees just buy their own MRI machine. It would be more economical, right?

It would help a lot for the Yankees to have their own MRI machine, but I don’t think Cashman included that in the budget when he was thinking about what the team needed this season. It would help cut down on medical bills, that’s for sure.

Our next questions comes from @secondz2late & @NataliaYank250. They basically asked the same question, so here was their question.:

@secondz2late: Why are the Yankees sucking so bad?

@NataliaYank2530: Can you tell me why the Yankees suck so much right now?

It’s a gigantic slump up and down the lineup. Usually it’s only 3 to 4 players at the most at a time but at this time, everyone decided to stop hitting. Just like hitting is contagious up and down the lineup, not hitting is also contagious.

Our next question comes from @cindy_fay. She asks:

@cindy_fay: How come the Yankees only scored a total of 2 runs in 2 games? Everybody’s slumping? Men left on base is so frustrating

That’s a question that I’m not sure of the answer to myself. It seems to me though that the Yankees are struggling up and down the lineup. It would be understandable if it was just 2-4 players, but having the whole team struggle (minus Raul Ibanez) is a very frustrating thing, I agree.

Our next two questions come from @mbrax10. He asked

@mbrax10: Ask Joe [Girardi] when is he quitting.

@mbrax10: Ask when is [Joe] Torre coming back

To sum up both of your questions, Joe Girardi is not going to quit and Joe Torre is not coming back. That’s the reality of it. Besides, it’s only May! Maybe when it’s September we could worry about stuff like this but right now, it’s far too early in the season.

Our next question comes from @elprieto80. He asks:

@elprieto80: With the recent woes/injuries, do [Dellin] Betances and [Manny] Banuelos have a chance of making ‘The Show’ this season?

 Well, I would expect to see them as September call-ups like Betances was last year but as far as during the season, I don’t think so. Both Betances and Banuelos are struggling a bit (Betances is 2-1 with a 6.75 ERA & Banuelos is 0-2 with a 4.50 ERA) Also as of right now, Banuelos is on the DL with I believe it’s eiither a back or an elbow injury (He’s had both and I’m not sure which one it is at this point).

Our final question comes from @CarmRodr. She asks:

@CarmRodr: How is the team staying together during this slump? What are they doing as a team to motivate one another?

Well they seem to be together when they are all slumping. But seriously, Joe Girardi has tried literally everything that you can think of to get them out of their slumping state. He’s let them come to work late, he’s let them get to work early, he even had the pitchers take inter-league batting practice so the guys could ease their minds.  Girardi is doing all that he can to get the Yankees back on the right track. The only thing that we can do now is just sit and wait for this team to start hitting. Don’t worry, they can’t slump this badly forever.

These were all the questions that I got for the Yankees Mailbag! Thank you all for sending in your questions!

Yankees Mailbag – 1/29/12

Hello Yankees fans and welcome to another edition of Yankees Mailbag, where you send in your Yankees questions and I answer them. Before we get into the questions, let’s recap a couple of things that have happened with the Yankees the last couple of weeks.

1. The Yankees agreed to contracts with all 6 of their arbitration eligible players (Joba Chamberlain, David Robertson, Brett Gardner, Boone Logan, Russell Martin & Phil Hughes).

2. The Yankees traded away C/DH Jesus Montero and RHP Hector Noesi to the Seattle Mariners for RHP Michael Pineda and pitching prospect Jose Campos

3. The Yanks signed RHP Hiroki Kuroda to a 1 year / $10M deal.

4. Jorge Posada officially retired from baseball after 17 years in the major leagues.

I asked fans to send in their questions on Twitter and you did! Here are your answers!

The first question comes from @AppFlyer and he asked:

Answer: Well, it all depends on if A-Rod is healthy. If A-Rod is working out his knee like he says he is, then there should be no reason that he can’t go over 99 games but right now, I don’t see A-Rod going over 100 games. Maybe it’s because of all the injuries last season, and if I were Girardi I’d make sure A-Rod takes it easy.

Our next question comes from @bootydrew and he asked:

Answer: I have a lot of favorite Jorge Posada memories, but the one that really stood out to me was the 6 RBI day that he had on August 13, 2011. The reason that the moment was special was for 2 reasons. One of them was that I was at Yankee Stadium that day and I got to witness a grand slam from the legend seats. The second reason was because it was my birthday. Jorge will always have a special place in my heart just because he made that day a day that I will never forget.

The next question comes from @brianbuck13 and he asked:

Answer:  Kim Jones was obviously a great reporter for the Yankees & it’s a shame that she’s no longer with YES but I think the network will be all right moving forward. The only negative that I could think of is with Jones no longer with the Yankees is that there are no female reporters with YES Network in a channel run predominantly by male reporters. Other than that, the station should be fine moving forward.

Our next question comes from @dystmedia. He asks:

Answer: I am not a big fan of Andruw Jones but I think the Yankees made the right call with re-signing Jones. Jones has a good bat that could be used in the DH spot if the Yankees don’t sign anyone in the remainder of the offseason and he knows how to hit left handed pitchers. All and all, the Jones signing was a good deal. To answer your second question, the Yankees just may have the best rotation in the AL East with the Tampa Bay Rays following close behind. They even have one of the better rotations in the AL with Sabathia, Pineda, Kuroda, Garcia and a TBD 5th starter. I wouldn’t say that the Yankees have the best rotation though because the Texas Rangers signed Yu Darvish & the L.A Angels added C.J Wilson, but the Yankees are currently up there.

Our next question comes from @Magnee_ and she asks:

Answer: I think it would be a great idea if the Yankees stopped trying to make Joba Chamberlain a starter. He’s fantastic in the bullpen, why make him into something he’s not?

Our next question comes from @mikeevan1306 and he asks:

Answer: I admit that in the beginning of the offseason, I was frustrated that Brian Cashman didn’t dive into the free agent market like some teams did (ex. Miami Marlins), but after seeing the results I was glad with the fact that Cashman actually stood back. I believe that Cashman wasn’t as aggressive as others have been early in the offseason because he knows how the the process works. Sometimes patience is the key and that is what Brian Cashman showed.

Our next question comes from @willpanagiotis. He asks:

Answer: For starters, this was an interesting question. For the 5th starter, I would say that A.J Burnett would get the spot solely because of the money owed to him, and the end of the year improvement. He came up in key situations and he showed that he could deliver. But I wouldn’t just hand him the spot if he walked through the doors of George M Steinbrenner Field on February 19. A.J would ONLY get the spot if he does well during Spring Training. What would happen to the other two would be interesting. I would put Phil Hughes in the bullpen for long relief since Hughes has the stamina of a starter but has been a bullpen pitcher before. Garcia would be in the bullpen as well but if he requested a trade before June 1 would give it to him. (Garcia can’t be traded until June unless he asks.)

The most realistic DH option would be to platoon the role between Andruw Jones, Alex Rodriguez & Derek Jeter. That way the Yankees save money and they wouldn’t have to trade a pitcher for a bat. Another option that the Yankees could do is to look into the FA market. There are hitters such as Johnny Damon, Raul Ibanez & Hideki Matsui who have had good bats, but their age would hinder their production. However, they do have veteran experience and are cheap.

Our final question comes from @NataliaYank2530. She asked:

Answer: The Yankees have expressed some interest with Luis Ayala but now that the Yankees are overflowing with pitching I don’t think that there is a place for him anymore. Other teams have made offers to Ayala and if the Yankees had really wanted to make an offer to Ayala, they would have done it. It’s only a matter of time to see where Ayala ends up – but it will most likely be with another team.

Those were all the questions that I got for the Yankees Mailbag. If you ever have a question about the Yankees, send it to either @dfiregirl4 or @yankeefansunite on Twitter, or email Mike at

Yankees Mailbag: Offseason Edition – 10/23/11

Hello Yankees fans, and welcome to another edition of Yankees Mailbag, where you send in your questions via Twitter and I answered them. A lot has happened since the last Yankees Mailbag, so let’s recap a bit shall we? The Yankees were eliminated by the Tigers; Tigers were eliminated by the Rangers. Nice food chain, now is it?

Now, you sent in your questions about the offseason to my Twitter account and they were all fantastic. Now let’s answer some questions!

Our first question comes from @MurfnTurf. He asked:

Q: Do CC Sabathia & Rafael Soriano opt out of their contracts and are the Yankees to re-sign Jorge Posada, Nick Swisher, neither or both?

A: Well, with CC we are speculating that he is going to opt out of his contract. Unfortunately, Soriano said he is not going to opt out so were stuck with him for the next two years. Now with Swisher & Posada, Posada won’t be back with the Yankees next year as much as we want him to come back. Nick Swisher on the other hand most likely will come back. The Yankees are talking about picking up his option.

Our next question(s) come from @PrimoBledBlue. He asked a series of questions over the last couple of weeks that I thought were just simply amazing. So here are the questions!

Q: Which pitcher would you recommend to be signed onto the Yankees rotation?

A: Well, I would definitely re-sign Freddy Garcia for one thing. On the Yankees rotation last year he seemed the most consistent, even a bit more consistent than CC. But one free agent that I have been looking at that I think would be a great fit with the Yankees would be Mark Buehrle. He’s won more than 10 games in the last 13 years and I think he would do well in a playoff environment. Also if CC stays with the Yankees, having 2 Aces in your rotation would be a huge turning point for the Yankees.

Q: The only thing saving a struggling Alex Rodriguez is his contract. Do the Yankees sign another third baseman just in case?

A: Well, the Yankees should look into the free agent market for a third baseman. Eric Chavez is contemplating retirement and without Chavez the only reliable 3rd baseman that you have on the bench is Eduardo Nunez (but then again, Nunez will commit errors like there is no tomorrow.) The Yankees might want to spend this offseason going fishing in the free agent market. They never know. They might just get the big fish.

Q: How would you change the Yankees batting order? Would you consider moving Robinson Cano to the cleanup spot, or drop Mark Teixeira lower?

A: I would consider moving the Yankees batting order the same way that Joe Girardi had it towards the end of the year; Robinson Cano 3rd and Mark Teixeira 5th. It had seemed to work for Robbie’s sake at least during the postseason as he was one of the only 3 Yankees really hitting (Cano, Gardner and Posada). I would keep an eye on Alex Rodriguez though as he was slumping towards the middle & end of the year. And if there is the chance that A-Rod isn’t performing I would have no problem moving Cano 4th and moving A-Rod & Tex down the order a bit. As a matter of fact, if A-Rod and Tex are BOTH slumping in 2012, then I would have the lineup in the beginning look like this: Gardner, Jeter, Granderson, Cano, Teixeira, Rodriguez. Not sure if it will work though, but it’s just my hunch as what would happen if Cano ever needed to bat cleanup.

Our next question came from @ehom87. He asked:

Q: Will the Yankees try Montero at different positions or are they committed in using him as a catcher?

A: Well, I would see no problem in trying to find a different position for Montero. Even though he is a catcher, it wouldn’t kill him to learn another position. Players like Jorge Posada and Mariano Rivera didn’t come up as closers and catchers. Posada was a shortstop and Rivera was a starting pitcher when they were drafted, but they found they were most comfortable as catchers and closers. In 2011, Posada was at first base a couple of times when Teixeira was out of the lineup because he knew how to play the infield. So the point there being, it wouldn’t be bad to see Montero in another position, but the Yankees don’t want to do that to him just yet. They want to see if his catcher skills have improved over the offseason.

The next question comes from @gardnerbrett11. He asked:

Q: What free agents should the Yankees look at during the offseason? (Ex. Wilson, Buerhle)

A: I would like the Yankees to go after Mark Buerhle only because of how he has performed in his long career. He has had 10 or more wins every season and he is very effective with his stuff. I like C.J Wilson, but after watching him in the postseason the chances that he could become a Yankee diminishes less and less. The Yankees are all about going to the postseason and winning the whole thing, and they can’t do that if they have a pitcher that doesn’t perform in the postseason as well as he does in the offseason. As of right now, C.J is still winless in the postseason and has yet to find his groove. I say that the Yankees don’t go after C.J because remember, they want to win the World Series.

The next question comes from @tousenthesnake. He asked:

Q: Is Jorge going to stay or go and who is a gimmie pick up during the offseason?

A: I’m going to put it the nicest way I know how. The chance Jorge is coming back next year in 2012 is the chance that I have at becoming the next Yankees general manager. Slim to none. Don’t get me wrong, I want to see Jorge back, but I don’t think that Cashman is going to re-sign him. Now as for offseason pickups, I would say that the Yankees should re-sign Russell Martin (he has grown to be a Yankee favorite) and obviously Robinson Cano. Nick Swisher I know the Yankees are going to pick up his option, but I wouldn’t want them to. He doesn’t perform in the postseason at all. Even though he is good in the regular season, the postseason is all that matters once it hits October. Now, the Yankees also need to keep CC Sabathia if he opts out of his contract to get more years, but I was reading articles that Derek Jeter might be the reason that CC doesn’t come back. It’s not Derek Jeter personally, it’s the fact of how they publicly handled Jeter’s contract last year. I don’t think CC wants to deal with that but the Yankees will keep making a push for CC to stay.

And our final question comes from @David747Heavy. His question is:

Q: Will Joba be in the pen next year?

A: Yes, he will be in the pen next year if everything goes according to plan with the progress of his Tommy John Surgery. There’s no point in making Joba a starter since he shines better in the bullpen. (Note to Joe Girardi: Put Phil Hughes back in the bullpen. He works better there.) So to make a long story short, the Yankees should and will keep him there, and if they don’t then I wonder what Brian Cashman was thinking.

Those were all the questions that I got for the Yankees Mailbag. Throughout the offseason you can always send your questions to my Twitter at @dfiregirl4 and I will always be glad to answer them. Thanks for sending in your questions!

Yankees Mailbag Post-Season Edition: 9/30/11

Hello there Yankees fans! And welcome to a special edition of Yankees Mailbag where you send in your questions and I answered them. Before we begin, let me recap what has happened since the last Yankees Mailbag. Yankees clinched the AL East, have the best record in the American League and get home-field advantage in the ALDS and the ALCS if they make it that far. Also the Rays had clinched the AL Wildcard while the Red Sox were eliminated and went home. Now that we got that covered let’s answer some questions!

Our first set of questions come from @PrimoBledBlue. He asked a couple of great questions and I will address them all here. His first question was:

Q: Which team would the Yankees be suitable facing in the postseason: Rangers or the Tigers?

A: Since the schedule was set and stone they will be facing the Tigers, but I was hoping that the Yankees would face the Rangers instead since they are 7-2 in the season series vs. the Rangers and the best part would have been no Cliff Lee. But the Yankees have to take what they can get and play the Tigers and hopefully they can send the Tigers home.

His second question was:

Q: For the ALDS, Should the Yankees have a 4 man starting rotation, which 4 would you select? (CC, Nova, Colon, Hughes…IMO)

A:  Well, for the 4 man rotation it would be difficult, since Colon hasn’t performed well, but if I was to choose the rotation for the 4 man, it would be CC, Nova, Garcia, Burnett. I would give Burnett the 4th spot in the rotation because he has pitched better as of late, and is not struggling like Bartolo Colon is. I would use Phil Hughes in the bullpen due to his back, and I feel that he can produce better in the bullpen than in the r0tation during the play-offs.

His third question was:

Q: Would you rather have Montero DH in the play-offs or Posada? Or both?

A:  I would choose both of them to DH during the play-offs. Montero would go vs. left handers and Posada would go vs. right handers. And it would be wrong not to give Jorge a spot on the roster, just saying. As you know by now, it has been announced that Posada will be the DH against Detroit’s right handers in the ALDS.

His 4th question was:

Q: Which team would you prefer making the AL Wildcard: The Red Sox, The Rays or the Angels

A: I wanted the Rays to win the AL Wildcard and I’m glad that they did make the Wildcard. I’m going to leave my dislike for the Red Sox out of this and just say that the Red Sox didn’t deserve to go to the play-offs. For crying out loud they only won 7 games out of the whole month of September. The Angels tried to mount a comeback vs. the Rays but the Rangers helped put a halt in that. But the Rays deserved to go, it would just be a shame if it came back to bite us.

His final question was

Q: Do you think A.J Burnett deserves a postseason start? Why or why not?

A: Burnett should be able to get a postseason start in my opinion. Burnett has pitched better than Phil Hughes and Bartolo Colon towards the end of the year and he had that very impressive outing last time around. (plus that one batter relief outing he had really impressed). So Burnett should get a start in the postseason. However, we now know that A.J. will be in the bullpen at least for the ALDS.

Our next question comes from these followers @Southyank, @Nick_Eustaquio, & @mannyberrios. They all asked the same question so I figured I would nip this one in the bud here. Here was the question.

Q: Who’s the #3 starter?

A: The #3 starter is Freddy Garcia. Colon hasn’t pitched well towards the end of the year, Burnett pitched to a batter yesterday so the pitcher would be Freddy Garcia. He has been the most consistent besides Nova (CC hasn’t been very consistent in September). Burnett would probably pitch in relief or if the Yankees needed an emergency starter, that is where Burnett would come in.

Our next question comes from @ehom87. He asked:

Q: Will Valdes be the 2nd lefty in the bullpen on the postseason roster?

A:  Unfortunately Valdes wasn’t picked to be on the postseason roster for the ALDS series. The Yankees are going to have him go to Tampa so he can work on throwing and if the Yankees play the Rangers in the ALCS then Valdes will come back, but as of right now Valdes didn’t make the cut.

The next question comes from @tazc23. She asked 3 questions so I am going to answer them. Her first question was:

Q: How did the Yankees feel about Betances’s first pitching outing? I know it was short.

A: The Yankees figured that Betances was nervous, which was why he had a 27.00 ERA going into Game 162 vs. the Rays. But Girardi liked his pitches. He just feels that Betances could work on it a bit more which is what the off-season and Spring Training is for.

Her second question was:

Q: In A.J’s last outing vs. the Red Sox did he approach the game differently, or was it because the Red Sox were playing bad?

A: Burnett did approach the game differently. He felt that the game v.s the Red Sox was a tryout for him to make the postseason roster, and Burnett did pitch outstanding. Burnett pitched well against the Red Sox when they were in Fenway in late August, but Burnett had a no-decision. I think the Red Sox slumping had something to do with it, but Burnett looked extremely sharp, and his breaking ball was working for him.

Her final question was this:

Q: What did Seattle do to A-Rod for his initiation? 

A:  Unfortunately I searched for hours on this but found nothing. Apparently some things pre-Yankees you will never find out about.

Our final question comes from @Baseballblahs. His question was:

Q: Does A-Rod’s health questions change the roster at all?

A:  It might, since there is no time-able on A-Rod’s return. After working with Kevin Long before the Rays game he had hit another setback which could ultimately decide what happens to him and the Yankees from here on out. I wouldn’t expect a dramatic roster change, but A-Rod might not be in the games like we all want him to be.

That’s all the questions I got for this Yankees Mailbag! If you have any questions, just send them to my Twitter @dfiregirl4 and I will make sure to answer them in the next Yankees Mailbag.

Yankees Mailbag Part 2 – 9/11/11

Welcome to a special Part 2 edition of Yankees Mailbag. Part 1 was answered yesterday by JamieFish and I’m here with some of your questions for Part 2. Before we get started with the questions, I would like to take some time to honor all the lives lost in the September 11, 2001 attacks, and let them know that even though they are gone, they are never forgotten.

You sent me your questions via Twitter and I got some really good ones, so let’s get started shall we?

The first question comes from @rockstarxii. They asked:

Q: What do you think the Yankees need to work on the most to get through the playoffs and into the World Series?

A: What the Yankees need to work on is a couple of things. Their pitching needs to be more consistent meaning that you can’t be like A.J Burnett and throw 3 innings and give up 7 runs. That’s not possible to make it through a postseason run. Also, the Yankees offense needs to be more consistent. If you noticed they lost their juice and lost 4 straight. Luckily the Red Sox also lost 4 straight, so it’s all good so far, but Tampa Bay is slowly catching up to the Red Sox & Yankees. But the thing that the Yankees need the most, is rest. Let’s face it, Baltimore messed up the Yankees schedule in September leaving them only 1 day off during the season, but not even September 15 can be counted as a day off because the Yankees are going from Seattle to Toronto. Besides that the other day off that the Yankees have is September 29, but that’s the day before the ALDS. So to recap, the Yankees need good pitching, good offense and some rest.

Our next question comes from @addie623. She asked:

Q: What do Derek Jeter, Jorge Posada & Mariano Rivera plan to do after they stop playing?

A: We  we all don’t know what they plan on doing after their careers, but here’s an idea that I want each of the Yankees players to do when they finally stop playing. Derek Jeter, I can picture him in the YES booth doing commentary during Yankees games. Either that or as the manager of the New York Yankees. Mariano Rivera will be the pitching coach and teach the rookies his famous cutter. And Jorge Posada? He gets the best job of all. He’ll be the hitting coach & he’ll teach the rookie catchers the art of catching. I think Jesus Montero learned a few things from Jorge yesterday when Posada caught for the first time in 2011.

Our next question comes from @idontwearredsox. They asked:

Q: Do you think Noesi should start at least once in place of either Hughes, AJ, or both?

A: Well, I would like to see Noesi start in the place of A.J Burnett. Phil Hughes hasn’t pitched sharp but he hasn’t been terrible. Burnett on the other hand has not pitched well, but in his last 2 starts there’s a small slight promise that Burnett is doing better. He’s kept the Yankees in both games that he’s pitched which is different than his usual outings but I would like to see how Noesi can come in and pitch as a starter.

Our next question comes from @YourFaceIsThere. They asked:

Q: If Mark Buehrle joins the team, how will he fit in the rotation?

A: I think Buehrle will fit well in the Yankees rotation. The only question would be who comes back and who leaves the team during the 2011 off-season. Ivan Nova is an automatic lock to stay with the team as well as Burnett, CC Sabathia has an opt out at the end of the season which I believe he will take, and we don’t know what will happen to Freddy Garcia, Bartolo Colon & Phil Hughes. Hughes might be trade bait to get a better starter so if Hughes goes or if Burnett doesn’t make the rotation then there’s the spot for Mark Buehrle.

Our next question comes from @YankeesandJets8. They asked:

Q: Why can’t the Yankees win when the Red Sox lose?

A: Because like the Red Sox the Yankees are also worn out. They haven’t had a day-off in what feels like a century in a half. If the Yankees can regroup and relax a bit then they will be a more offensive team, and maybe when the Red Sox lose, they’ll win.

And our final question comes from @gardnerbrett11. They asked:

Q: Would it be possible if Jesus Montero joined the team in 2012, instead of going to Triple-AAA?

A: Well, I think that Montero should join the team in 2012, but to make roster moves for the more veteran players, Montero might start the year in Triple-AAA even though we don’t want that to happen. But if something happens to Cervelli or Martin (if he resigns with the Yankees), then Montero would be the first one called up in my opinion. He has awesome power, but I would like to see how he catches before we completely set and stone add him to the roster.

Well, that was all the questions I have! If you ever want to ask a question that’s Yankees related, then reply to my twitter account @dfiregirl4 and it will be answered on the next edition of Yankees Mailbag! Until next time Yankees Universe!


Yankees Mailbag – 9/3/11

Welcome to another segment of Yankees Mailbag, where you send in your questions and we answer them. Before we get started with the Yankees Mailbag, I just want to recap what happened since the last Yankees Mailbag. The Yankees still have a 6 man rotation, but Girardi is planning on cutting it down to 5 on Tuesday, the Yankees finally beat the Red Sox at Fenway Park and took the series & the Yankees made some call-ups on September 1st, with one of them being Jesus Montero. Now that we have established that, let’s start answering some questions!

Our first question comes from @VamosYankees. He asked:

Q: What do you think of Scott Proctor making his return to the Yankees?

A: Well, from what I know, it’s nice to have Proctor with the Yankees…as long as he doesn’t pitch in a big situation. Proctor wasn’t exactly everyone’s Yankees dream when we last saw him and now that he’s back, I’m sure everyone is just cautious with the fact that they don’t know what damage Proctor can do. I can see Proctor as a good mop up guy, just like Sergio Mitre.

Our next question comes from @LeeAnn726. Her question was:

Q: How many years have the Yankees & Red Sox been such rivals?

A: That is a very good question! I would say that it ALL started back with Babe Ruth. As we all know, Babe Ruth was on the Red Sox before he became a Yankee. There’s rumor that the Red Sox manager was trying to make a theater production and traded away Ruth to the Yankees for money. Since then the Red Sox were bitter with the fact that Ruth was performing so well with the Yankees, that they just became rivals, but the Red Sox weren’t the Yankees only rival though. There were 2 other teams that played in New York during that era: The Brooklyn Dodgers & the New York Giants (Who are now the San Francisco Giants). But to get back to your question, the Red Sox & Yankees have been rivals for many years, but I don’t think they’re exactly rivals now. Derek Jeter and David Ortiz seem to get along well.

Our next question comes from @tazc23. She actually asked 3 questions, so I am going to address them all here. Her first question was:

Q: Is there any worry about the number of nagging injuries coming up at the end of the season?

A: I would say that there would be some worry with the number of nagging injuries, but as long as the players are healthy and ready for the post-season then we should be fine. It’s bothersome yes, and it can affect your team when it matters the most. Just look at Nick Swisher & Brett Gardner from last year. Both of them had nagging injuries and it affected their playing time. It was so bad for Gardner that he needed surgery last year in December, but he came back and was healthy. Just like A-Rod & Chavez, they both suffered injuries but they are back and healthy for a good post-season run.

Her second question was this:

Q: How did the club feel about Jesus Montero’s debut against Boston? How did he feel about being put in a high profile situation on his first AB?

A: I think the club felt that even though Jesus Montero didn’t have any hits, he has potential and he showed that he had some great AB. He worked the count against Lester, got him to throw pitches outside the strike zone, he had a good swing and shows he has power. He was probably nervous being put in a situation like that. Think about it. He’s in Fenway Park, Yankees v.s Boston series, going for a play-off run. That would make any player nervous and a little intimidated, but I believed that he did fine. He has potential, that’s for sure.

Her final question was:

Q: Is A-Rod frustrated with the number of injuries he’s fighting through? Do you think it will effect his rhythm of swing?

A: I could see A-Rod getting frustrated over this. No player wants to go through multiple injures when they plan on having a great season, but it happens sometimes and they just have to work through it. Unless his thumb is still bothering him, I don’t think it will effect his swing so much, but he has to make sure he stays healthy so he can be apart of the Yankees postseason run. Think about it, A-Rod is no use to the Yankees if he can’t hit or play defense. The Yankees would want a happy and healthy A-Rod.

Our next question came from @ehom87. His question was:

Q: Would the Yankees re-sign Russell Martin?

A: If I were Brian Cashman, definitely. Russell Martin is playing great baseball, but I am so impressed with his work behind the plate. He seems to be the only one who can actually catch A.J Burnett (since Burnett throws a lot of bouncing breaking balls) and he has a 31% caught stealing ratio, which is great for a catcher. Russell Martin is also having a good year offensively. Remember, his average means nothing if he has hit a lot of HR’s and has RBI’s and I don’t see Russell Martin severely struggling if he is able to produce for the team.

Our final question comes from @dp57. Her question was:

Q: Why does Brett Gardner wear rubber bands on his wrists?

A: I personally love this question. If it was the green rubber band that he had on his wrist yesterday on post-game then he was just wearing a Silly Bandz. They are rubber bands that make funny shapes. I have some that have the Yankees logo in it, and they are awesome! I was also told that Gardy’s Silly Bandz was a glow in the dark one. Super cool. 🙂

Well, those are all the questions I have this time! Remember, if you have any questions about anything Yankees related you can go to Twitter and send a tweet to @dfiregirl4, and I will gladly get back to your question! Once again, thank you to all you wonderful Yankees fans who sent me questions and I’ll answer more of your questions next time on Yankees Mailbag.

Yankees Mailbag- 8/13/11

Hello Yankees fans and welcome to another segment of Yankees Mailbag where you send in your questions & I answer them. Since my last Yankees Mailbag, a lot of news has happened. Yankees lucked out on Ubaldo Jimenez and signed no one at the trade deadline. The Yankees also had a series at Fenway Park which they unfortunately lost.

I asked followers on my Twitter account to send in their questions and they have responded. Let’s answer some questions shall we?

Our first question comes from @HTFDWhalers and he asked:

Q: Given CC’s ineffectiveness against Boston this year, would you start Ivan Nova in Game 1 of an ALCS against the Sox?

A: I can see your concern for CC Sabathia being 0-4 against the Red Sox, but even though that Ivan Nova has pitched well, I cant’ see him starting Game 1 of the ALCS against the Sox. Nova’s a very good starter but not having CC pitch Game 1 sounds like you’re giving up on him too fast.  CC has beaten the Red Sox before and he can do it again, so just because he lost 4 games v.s the Red Sox, there shouldn’t be really a high alarm. CC will come through when it really matters and if it has to be during the ALCS, then so be it.

Our next question comes from @treyalex09. His question was:

Q: I think Jorge would make a great coach, especially for young Yankees catchers. Do you think the Yankees will offer a spot & will he accept someday?

A: There’s no denying that Jorge Posada was an amazing catcher for the Yankees. I have a feeling that the Yankees might offer a spot for him to coach in the future, but with all that Posada’s been through this year he might feel some resentment towards the Yankees. I wouldn’t expect him to take it right away as Posada is a very proud man and has not been very proud of how the 2011 season turned out. But I do hope that Jorge Posada would be involved with the Yankees even after he retires.

Our next question(s) come from @secondz2late. He asked 3 very interesting questions so I will address them all. The first one is:

Q: Should Jorge be on the postseason roster?

A: Jorge should most definetely be on the postseason roster. If Jorge is going to be a bench player then that means that the Yankees could use his bat during a game. It would be exciting to see Jorge in the postseason even if it’s for an AB.

Here’s @secondz2late’s second question:

Q: Should us fans be worried about Mariano Rivera?

A: Mariano Rivera always goes through mini-slumps like this, just like any pitcher & any hitter. Mariano is the best closer in baseball, and he will be back in his true form in no time. Trust me, Mariano will pitch like his old self very soon.

Here’s the last question from @secondz2late:

Q: Who do you think should be the odd-man out in the rotation?

A: Obviously it’s not Ivan Nova. Ivan Nova, CC Sabathia, Bartolo Colon & Freddy Garcia have all pitched very well all year. If it were me it would have to be between A.J Burnett & Phil Hughes. Hughes is not having a good season at all, and Burnett is not doing so well himself. In 29 1/3 innings, Burnett has a 6.44 ERA which is not good at all. If it were me, I would send Burnett to the bullpen no matter how much he gets paid. He has to learn that he can’t get lazy and that this is a job that he’s fighting for. Hughes I believe has room for improvement, but Hughes can pitch well. He won 18 games last year.

The next question was from @199827NY61. His question was:

Q: Have you ever seen a 6 man rotation before?

A: Sure I have. CC, Hughes, Garcia, Burnett, Nova, Colon :). But seriously, I don’t think I have seen a 6 man rotation before. If anyone that’s reading this has seen a 6 man rotation before, put it in the comment section below. It would be interesting to find out.

Our next question comes from @tazc23. Here’s the question:

Q: How is CC handling the struggling losses to Boston. Does he worry about the playoffs?

A: CC is aware of his struggles against the Red Sox, but when he was asked about it all he answered was, “I have to pitch better.” I don’t think CC is worried about the playoffs at this point. His main priority is making sure that he helps the Yankees win the division, then he will worry about getting the Yankees through the playoffs.

Our next question (one of my favorites) comes from @Nick_Eustaquio. He asked.

Q: Why doesn’t Brett Gardner have a twitter?

A: I have no idea. Mark Teixeira? Do us all a favor and hook your buddy up to the 21st century. 🙂

Our final question comes from @VamosYankees. His question was:

Q: Who do you see as the starting 5 pitchers for the Yanks next opening day? Who do you think Yanks will covet this off season?

A: I hope to see CC Sabathia back with the Yankees since it has been said that he most likely will opt out of his contract at the end of the 2011 season. I also hope that the Yankees resign Bartolo Colon & Freddy Garcia. Here’s how I would like to see the Yankees for opening day: Sabathia, Colon, Garcia, Nova, Burnett & Hughes either to the bullpen or trade bait. Who the Yankees might get this off-season might be hitters since Jorge Posada is in the final year of his contract but you can never go wrong with the bullpen.

Well, that was all the questions that I had! Thank you everyone who sent in your questions! If you ever have anymore questions for me to answer send it to my Twitter @dfiregirl4. Thanks everybody!

Yankees Mailbag – 7/30/11

Welcome to our segment called “Yankees Mailbag”, where you sent in your questions and I answered them. For the past two days I have been asking fans via Twitter to send in questions whether about the bullpen, trade rumors or on injured players. Let’s get started shall we ladies and gentlemen?

Our first question comes from @TeamRobinsonCano. They wrote:

Q: How close do you think the Ubaldo Jimenez trade is? Do you think it’s possible?

A: The Ubaldo Jimenez trade seems like the Colorado Rockies and the New York Yankees can’t see eye to eye. The Yankees want Jimenez no doubt, but the asking price that the Rockies want is too high. Not only do they want Jesus Montero, but they also want Manny Banuelos, Dellin Betances & Ivan Nova. The Yankees had already made it clear that they didn’t want to give up their pitching prospects and they keep trying to get the Rockies to lower the price. I’m not saying that the trade is impossible, but the only way that this trade will work is if the Rockies lower their asking price.

Our next question came from @AwesomeDarrenD. They wrote:

Q: Going forward to the Yankees have one glaring need and if so what is it?

A: The answer is simple: Starting Pitching. I believe the Yankees have a good chance of making the playoffs but with the starting pitching that they have they won’t make it to the World Series. With Burnett’s inconsistency, Hughes not pitching to his full potential and Colon being a little shaky in the beginning of the second half, the Yankees need to get another arm in the rotation if they plan on marching right into the playoffs as a dominate force.

The next question was from @VamanosYankees and he asked this right after the DJ3K special on HBO.

Q: How long before the Yankees run out of 2 jersey’ numbers?

A: Ha, they will never run out of #2 jerseys. He’s Derek Jeter. Even when he’s 100 they will still have Derek Jeter jersey’s.

Our next question was from @ehom87. Here was his question:

Q: If King Felix was available, would the Yankees give up the farm to get him?

A: That’s a tough question to answer. You never would know what Brian Cashman has up his sleeve. As of now, he says he refuses to give up his pitching prospects but you never know that could all change. But on the Mariners side, they refuse to give up King Felix, so Felix to the Bronx most likely will not happen.

The next question in the “Yankees Mailbag” was sent by @GeneMoney13. His question was:

Q: Can the Yankees get another pitcher without giving up too much?

A: To answer your question, absolutely. The Phillies had done it and the Giants had done it. They didn’t have to give up too much to get good names. To get Hunter Pence, the Phillies got 2 prospects. To get Carlos Beltran the Giants gave Kevin Wheeler who is another prospect. The Phillies had gotten the team they wanted without having to give up one of their best prospects Dominic Brown and they still have the bat to replace Jayson Werth. The only thing with the Yankees not giving up too much is that it depends on the opposing teams asking price. If the Yankees can sweet-talk other teams to lower their price then there is no reason that they can’t walk away without having to give up a lot in the end.

Okay, our next question was from @tazc23. They originally asked 2 questions in a row so I decided to combine the question into one. They asked:

Q: How was A-Rod progressing and what he did for his birthday? Also what are they going to do with Nunez once A-Rod comes back and Chavez is doing his Golden Glove thing?

A: Well to answer the first part of the question, A-Rod is doing great rehabilitating and has spoken to Yankees officials about being ready the 2nd week of August. Now what he did for his birthday? I have no idea, but I can only guess he was still rehabilitating. I know Jeter got a cake from his birthday. And to answer the second part of your question, Eduardo Nunez most likely will still be a bench player when A-Rod gets back. When A-Rod comes back it would either be Ramiro Pena or Chris Dickerson who gets sent down.

Our next question comes from @djeter1128 and they asked:

Q: Would the Yankees consider a trade with the Mariners for Eric Bedard? Considering Mariners would not ask the farm from the Yankees?

A: Well the Yankees weren’t too interested in Eric Bedard in the first place, but if anything else they might consider him if the Mariners don’t ask from the farm. I wouldn’t expect the Yankees to get Bedard before the trade deadline is over because they have their sights on Ubaldo Jimenez. But you never know what could happen.

Our next question came from @addie623. Again I mentioned they could ask anything about the Yankees so she decided to ask a question about Mark Teixeira. Here was her question:

Q: What is Mark Teixeira’s favorite movie?

A: Mark Teixeira likes certain genres from comedy, to baseball movies to crime movies. One of his favorite crime movies happens to be one of my favorites, which is Scarface. He also enjoys The Godfather. In the baseball category he enjoys Major League and The Natural. And last but not least in the comedy category, Mark enjoys Christmas Vacation and Wedding Crashers.

The next question was another one from @ehom87. His second question was:

Q: If Hughes continues to struggle will he be moved to the bullpen?

A: If I were Girardi, Hughes would definitely go straight to the bullpen but since Girardi likes to baby his players, Hughes might not go anywhere for a while. Apparently Girardi doesn’t get the point when he has to be tough on his players and tell them enough is enough. Hopefully he will come to his senses and tell Hughes he’s going to the bullpen. Hughes just doesn’t have his stuff this year, and if Hughes can’t get his act together, then we don’t know what’s going to happen in his future.

The next question came from @CanesEagles1. His question was:

Q: After A.J’s last start, what do you think his future will be in the rotation?

A: Well, Brian Cashman signed A.J Burnett to be apart of the rotation so I don’t think they would move Burnett from there. When you think about it Burnett hasn’t pitched badly. He just doesn’t get the run support from the offense in order to win games. If the Yankees could get the offense going and not burn it all out when CC Sabathia pitches then Burnett would look more like a good pitcher.

Our next question was another question from @tazc23. They asked:

Q: Is Grandy (Curtis Granderson) feeling any HR fatigue or does he think he can make it to 40 by the end of the year? What is his goal?

A: To answer the first part, Granderson might be feeling a bit fatigue which is why he probably hasn’t homered a lot in the second half so far. I don’t think he’ll make it to 40 HR, but I think Granderson is personally happy with where his HR numbers are. He was able to pass last years HR total in the first half of the season, so I think he’s just happy. His goal right now is that he’s tired of striking out a lot, so he wants to focus on not striking out as much more than he wants to hit homers.

And to round it off @missmccrocodile had some questions that she wanted answered. Mostly it’s about what the players think and what goes on in the Yankees Clubhouse. Here was her first question:

Q: Other than NYC, what are some of the AL cities that the Yankees enjoy visiting?

A: Mark Teixeira really enjoys going to both Baltimore and Seattle. He enjoys Baltimore because that’s where’s he was born and Seattle because he likes the food there & Curtis Granderson enjoys going to Detroit when they get the chance.

Her second question was:

Q: I’m not a fan of inter-league play. What do the players think of it?

A: Well, the players like it because it’s different, when you are in a NL park the pitcher has to bat and there’s no DH. I remember they interviewed Brett Gardner earlier in the year before the Subway Series and he said he loved it when the Yankees and Mets played one another. Some of the other players agreed as it was special and it gets the fans of New York going. But going to other cities in general, they admit they get tired but they still enjoy it. Hmm…I wonder how Brett’s doing after that Chicago Cubs series where he landed in the ivy and almost disappeared…oh well.

And her final question was:

Q: Now that Bernie’s no longer strumming in the locker room, who controls the music

A: Well in Bernie’s time it was a little different. There weren’t iPods, iPads, iPhones or Blackberries. Now the guys are able to keep themselves entertained, but Nick Swisher has become the official clubhouse DJ from time to time. I honestly think he enjoys every aspect of his job.

Well, that was all the questions I got for the Yankees Mailbag. I want to thank everyone for sending in their questions about the Yankees and I was more than glad to answer them. If you have any more questions about the Yankees that you would like me to cover, send a reply to my Twitter address @dfiregirl4 and I will gladly answer it for you. Also while your there don’t forget to follow :). I had a blast answering your questions. Thanks guys!