Morning Bits: A-Rod’s Ego & Drama, 2013 Yankees

Good morning all.  Game 3 later today.  Big storm coming in a couple of days so good luck if you are running out to get some supplies today.

Away we go with some links….

Bryan Hoch writes changes could be in store as the Yankees turn the page to the 2013 season.

Anthony McCarron has an interesting story about how Girardi called the press box before pinch-hitting A-Rod.  You can’t make this stuff up if you wanted.  Unreal!

Ken Davidoff writes that the Yankees can’t disconnect from the A-Rod drama.

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  1. Matt that truly is unreal. I can’t believe that Girardi actually did that!

    • yup anything to keep his ego in check. it’s sick. Now that this is out it will make people dislike Joe or A-Rod even more.

      • Well Matt, now that you mention it……….let me see if I have this straight. Girardi had the care, concern, and foresight to PHONE the press box and ask the PA Announcer to introduce Ibanez in a specific manner but he didn’t have the same concern and foresight to bring Robertson in to pitch the 8th inning of game 1 of the ALDS instead of Lowe?
        Seriously Matt, the man obsesses with egos and player relationships, etc, all that crap but doesn’t give using DRob over Lowe any thought?
        He’s an awful manager.

      • Did you really expect something different from the great placator?

  2. Yanks will never make the playoffs with Arod on this team.!!!!
    Payroll coming down from 220 to 189,means Arods % of the payroll goes up,while his production plummets.

  3. Why bring in an old cleveland Reject is beyond me…

  4. ” If A-Rod isn’t going to set the all-time record for home runs, then he might just establish the unofficial mark for required maintenance. The Yankees are constantly working overtime to manage the mistake ”

    This is a quote from the article on arod in the morning bits. It makes no sense. The writer of the article writes this, but no where in the article does it say what the unoffical mark for required maintenance means, no definition.

    as a baeball fan i never ever heard shuch a terrn.

    the author of the article , to do due diligence should have tried to find out what it is from the yankess or arod,….. or explained that he could not find out what it means.

    the other day on here, delia wrote htat cashman had said mariano told him weather he would be back to the yankees or not, on tuesday,……. but the areticlew never said what the decision was,.. and went on to say mo said he needs time to think it opver

    Thinking it over and coming a decision on tuesday ARE TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS,.LOL

    just bad reporting all over the place

  5. JOSEH GIRARDI VINDICATED!!!!…………Today’s NY Newsday…headline…”Tigers Looking For Hot Bats”. Therefore I was right. It was not Girardi’s fault. What the Yankees had was airborne, and now the Tigers are inflicted with the virus.

  6. willie mays last 5 seasons, starting with the season he turned 38 on my 6, 1969
    (arod turns 38 on jun 27, 2013)

    1969——114 hits—-64 runs—-58 rbi—-13 homers—–117 games
    1970——139 hits—-94 runs—-83 rbi—-28 homers——139 games
    1971——113 hits—-82 runs—-61 rbi—-18 homers——-136 games
    1972——-61 hits—–35 runs—-22 rbi—–8 homers——–88 games
    1973——–44 hits—-24 runs—-25 rbi—–6 homers——–42 games

    if AROD puts up these numbers over the next 5 seasons, the contract the yankees signed with him will be a disgrace.

    at the mininum, arod is getting 114 million dollars over the next 5 seasons, an average of 22.8 million a year,… not including potential bonuses for stuff

    if arod does meet may’s numbers, that will be 73 home runs,, putting arods final total at 720 home runs– more than ruth, but less than arron.

    over the past 5 seasons, 2008-2012, arod has averaged playing in 124 games a season.——-

    mike trout will probably hit those numbers, far surpass them, over the next 5 seasons, or another young player, and average less than a million a year in salary.

    of course the yankees and yankees fans have a huge problem——
    the perception of wasting money,.. that comes from the fans , and people in general, one way or another, in this ecomony, does not sit well with me,…. nor should it sit well with anyone—- arod being the exception, as he fills his bank account with our money

  7. Cow Girl Bloggers, from the inner city………….Good Morning. Three things before I run off for pre-strorm prep. a] I misspelled Joseph, in my ‘Vindicated” post..sorry. b] Kenny, glad you case was thrown out. Was prepared to send your Salhaptica allotment, to Fishkill Correctional. c] The signing of Josh Hamilton by the Yankees, and correcting the Granderson/Swisher situation…will settle the outfield. With Hamilton as the centerpiece, the remaining pcs. will fit just fine. Cowboy-up!

    • Patrick…
      Sorry but the team needs to get rid of payroll,not add to it.

      • Fishkill Kenny…………..WHY… does the team need to get rid of payroll? WHY? Who cares?….
        Are we nuts?…Josh Hamilton, and 146+/- RBI’s…with Ichiro, and Gardner…is the way to go!

        • Sorry,..Thomas Gun…but you still look like the Terminix man, in need of Salhaptica. We need all posters to have Gravatars. Your job, T-Ass…is to get those that do not….to conform. Up to it?

          • NOW BATTING…( following Jeter, Ichiro, and Cano )….Josh Hamilton! Game changer. Outfield is corrected, now we start to scare people again.

            • Toucan – Patrick is right , hamilton is the way to go, what say you?

            • Fish, Matt S……

              Gotta like this idea of Hamilton….excluding the numbers, as they can always be done…the rational makes sense.

              He is probably the best hiitter in the Al this side of Cabrera.
              Combine him and Cano and you have the core for at least 5 years.
              He makes up for the loss of Grandys power

              And I don’t buy that NY will be any more of a temptation then Texas.
              Alcoholics know wherenthere is beer there is temptation.

        • Patrick….
          As a fan, I would love to have the talent Josh brings to the table but:
          #1–Hal is the Boss. He is not his free spending dad, so it will be cutting payroll, not adding another long one to it.
          #2–With the problems Josh has with substance abuse, how long do you think he would last with the pressure of the AL Beast of The East?

  8. Arod 2008-2012- seasons he turned age 33-37 in july VS Mays 1964-1968- seasons he turned age 33-37 in may

    2008——154 hits—– 104 runs——-103 rbi——-35 homers——–138 games
    1964——171 hits——121 runs——-111 rbi——-47 homers——–157 games

    2009——127 hits——-78 runs——-100 rbi———30 homers———124 games
    1965——-177 hits——118 runs——112 rbi———52 homers——–157 games

    2010——141 hits——-74 runs——-125 rbi———30 homers———137 games
    1966——158 hits——-99 runs——-103 rbi———37 homers———152 games

    2011——103 hits——-67 runs———62 rbi———16 homers———–99 games
    1967——128 hits——–83 runs——–70 rbi———22 homers———–141 games

    2012——126 hits——-74 runs——–57 rbi———18 homers———-122 games
    1968——144 hits——-84 runs——–79 rbi———23 homers———-148 games

    Mays out homered , out scored, out rbi’d, out hit, and out played AROD over the equivalent past 5 seasons in their carrers.

    We have ZERO reason to believe therefore that AROD can do better than Mays over the next 5 seasons,, seasons in which arod turns 38-42 in season

    willie mays last 5 seasons, starting with the season he turned 38 on my 6, 1969
    (arod turns 38 on jun 27, 2013)

    1969——114 hits—-64 runs—-58 rbi—-13 homers—–117 games
    1970——139 hits—-94 runs—-83 rbi—-28 homers——139 games
    1971——113 hits—-82 runs—-61 rbi—-18 homers——-136 games
    1972——-61 hits—–35 runs—-22 rbi—–8 homers——–88 games
    1973——-44 hits—–24 runs—-25 rbi—–6 homers——–42 games

  9. If the Giants win the WS…I would gladly pop open a bottle of Sparkling Cider. Giants…Yankees…Giants used to be a NY team back in the day…eh…close enough.

  10. and willie may used to play in nyc, and was better than arod, lol

    • jimmy2244
      Willie is in the HoF and played in the OF.
      One can’t compare the two players as Willie (OF), A-Rod (SS, 3rd)! Willie is rated among the top OF of all time. A-Rod is Rated as the all-time best SS of all time and one of the best all-time infielders.
      As your numbers showed; Willie had played many more games each year, therefore, his numbers should have been better.
      I sometimes wish fans would quit cheery picking stats to try to make lesser players look better than they really were or are. (not Willie, he is an all-time great player)
      I am getting bored pointing out that stats can be twisted and picked over to show players look good or bad. Disregarding the hate people have for Alex as a person, his talent can’t be glossed over by petty jealousy.
      This is just to point out a fact but, has anyone ever thought of the reason why other players had not gotten a contract like Alex received from Texas? If these other players were so much better than him, why not pay them as such?

      • old yankee,right on the money, A-Rod just isn’t as well liked. It’s affectes peoples judgement.

        • Aroid cheated for 3 maybe 15 years……Jeter , Mays, Mantle never used roids!

          That’s why people judge him worse and he deserves all the badnpress…..he’s earned it!

          • Hello, 75% of the players were taking something, they just didn’t get caught. Somebody only went after A-Rod because he is the one breaking the sacred records.

            • Doug….this is why Aroids hated …lying sack of SH**

              • T-MAN ,Its amazing how fast people forget!!!!!
                All you Arod fans ” and there’s not many of you left”Need to wake the f up,this guy was and will continue to be a pRE MADDONA, low level sack of lying shit.
                Why the other fat blubbering idiot HANK gave him all that money will nevr make sense.

                AROD……GONE BABY GONE…….Its the only way to win!!!!!!!!!

                • Good morning Ballpark! Tell us how you feel please! Then thing that can happen is for Arod too move on so can a deal be made? I just don’t know.

                  I am starting to wonder if the Yankees should try to build for 2014 first and then 2016 next. Meaning that if they find themselves in the race in next season and in 2015 they then could make in season adjustments.

                • ballpark….I must respectfully object, as you knew I would.
                  Pre-maddona, because Joe (I got a knife in your back) Torrie, says so?
                  Liar, yup! So was every other user before they admitted it…even Andy!
                  So, what makes anyone hate him so much more than all the others?
                  His contract? Because he was breaking all the hitting records, before he went to Texas? He said something against the Jeter? Or, he had so much talent and dumped all over it (I’ll never forgive him for that).

                  The Yankees have had many players on drugs (coke etc), and PED’s before A-Rod, one difference is, A-Rod has been tested and has been clean even before he came to the Yanks. Having a hip injury is the same injury many others have had over the years. and a broken hand is part of the game. So, why fans are saying; “HE CAN’T stay healthy, is because of PED’s” what injury has he had because of PED’s?

                  My problem is, it is not right to dump all over one player and give others a pass, no matter how much one dislikes him, he is a Yankee!

                  Many fans here call me a Jeter hater, but why? Have I said anything untrue about him, I had given my honest opinion of his hitting numbers going down…so, I was wrong, it was my opinion. Have I ever called him a derogatory name of any kind? I don’t like A-Rod anymore than some of you but, I will defend him as a Yankee against all the lies that have been perpetrated against him.

                  • old yankee, your right on the money, it just shows how niave people are when it comes to PEDs, these same people will watch the NFL today and think every football player is clean. Look at Armstrong, this was a witch hunt by Congress from the beginning because the baseball union thought it was God.

                    • Doug I know more about Steroids than you could ever imagine I was a football player and a power lifter and trained with many users in my lifetime.
                      I remember my coach in college telling us players to go to the doctor and get steroids over the summer break,Thank God my doc looked at me and said no.
                      They were legal back then

                  • Ken did Kati Courig twist his arm to go on national t.v. and lie???????????
                    Thats my problem with him!!!!
                    To many fans are enamored by numbers ,but Ken numbers don’t show a players heart,I’m surprised that a guy of your character would view AROD as anything but a fraud.

                    I was never a huge Jeter fan but over the years I have come to appreciate him as one of the greatest Yankees of all time ,he has been the one constant during this great modern Yankee dynasty.He was there at the start and is still here at the end .No other yank can say that

                    I also came to realize after watching Jeter play next to Arod that Jeter is and was the better all-around player.
                    Sorry we can’t agree but no hard feelings,I’m just surprised that you would knock an all time great Yankee and defend an all time liar and ego, look at me player like Arod

                    • ballpark, I had some HS baseball players who had roid rage back in the late 80s, one player jacked a coach up again’st the wall. The NFL policy is a joke compared to the MLB. The whole PED thing is getting old for me.

                    • Ballpark…
                      Maybe you didn’t see it but I have said many times, I don’t care for him at all, also in the comment i had made to you I said the same thing.
                      As for Jeter, I don’t care for perfect people. His play as a Yankee is great and worthy of HoF.
                      As far as A-Rod and he in comparison, you have an opinion as do I. Going by numbers alone I pick whom ever?

                    • ballpark, everyone was saying at the time things would be better if steriod users told the truth, we all know now that that was a lie. Hundreds of users are taking something like HGH or testosterine, and what about all the players that got off scot free when A-Rod was tested. The whole thing is a joke.

                • Ballpark — don’t listen to Doug and Ken…who both disagreed with your comment . They’re so old their blood types are obsolete,, when they went to school (in stagecoaches) they were scalped so many times, they invented the Velcro toupee.

                  Arod needs to be Gone Boli Gone if the Yankees ever want to win again.

                  • Tommy, I when I went to scholl we walked 2 miles both ways up hill. If you get rid of players taking something you might not have a team.

                    • Doug agreed,steroids are old news,But Arod’s chacter is what I’m talking about.I don’t know about you but I wouldn’t go on national Tv and lie,AND then cry like a baby 3 months later.The guy is a pussy……………………………………………………………………………………….

                    • Doug do we agree that Arod can not be part of a championship team going fowargd due to the 189 ??

              • T-MAN these guys can’t see when it hits them in the face.

      • right,.. the fact that arod cant play as many games anymore, as shown by the last 5 seasons,….. speels doom for the nexct 5 seasons.

        it is not cheery picking, … analysts that dont admit that arod used peds,, and cheated, and still call him an all time slugger,… MAKE IT OPEN GAME TO COMPARE HIM TO WILLIE MAYS

        it is comparable,.. cause of both age and carrer numbers,…. as arod approaches 660 homers lifetime

        the point is arod wasnt as good as his numbers showed HE CHEATED— SAME AS IF LANCE ARMSTRONG WOULDNT HAVE WON ALL THOSE TOUR DE FRANCES IF HE DIDNT CHEAT


        but i didnt go there, did i?

        all i showed, was for a power guy, vs the power numbers against an all time power guy,.. and WHAT WE CAN EXPECT THE NEXT 5 SEASONS VS THE PREVIOUS 5 SEASONS

        • jim2244…Fair game, yes.
          Checkout Alex numbers before 2003/2006 and after…until he hurt his hip. His use of drugs in Texas improved his numbers how much again? Buy very little! Bonds and McGwrie have their records and they used for many, many more years.
          You were fair enough about it…Jim
          Some perfect fans say they hate A-Rod because he lied on TV…ok, if you do feel that way about him. that has to apply to all the others that lied before admitting it, right? Ok, one has to include every one of those that have used, because every single one of them lied about it before admitting it.

  11. It’s funny to me to hear all this talk about dumping money and trading A-Rod, it’s so easy to do when it’s not your money. Most of the time it’s just to get out of site, out of mind. It makes me think of AJ Burnett last year and Oliver Perez the year before. We all know how bad the A-Rod contract is, but the only way you trade that type of contract is you have to eat alot of money with nothing to show for it. I wonder what would have happened if the Yanks kept AJ? What did they get to help the team for AJ? How much money did the eat?

    • It is our money you dim bulb.

    • What did they get to help the team? How about Hiroki Kuroda & Raul Ibanez? They saved $17 Million by dumping AJ who put up 2 seasons as the worst starting pitcher in Yankees history. Cashman would not have the budget space to sign Kuroda & Ibanez if AJ stayed. I get on Cashman for making a lot of bad moves but that was the best move Cashman has made since trading for Swisher.

      In the scenario I wrote about where you trade ARod and Joba or Hughes + $25M for Buehrle’s $52M contract you gain a solid lefty starter and over $80 Million in Luxury Tax space over 5 years. That gives the team financial flexibility to bring players. Without moving some payroll Cashman will be totally handcuffed for AT LEAST the next 2 years.

      • Fish it’s either as you suggested or bye bye Cano!

      • fishjam, you forgot to mention that the Yanks eat 19 million on that deal I think. They owed him 31 million and the Pirates only payed him 13. The 13 went to Kuroda and Ibanez, it’s kind of like how our government works. They still ate alot of money.

        • Of course they ate $ to trade Burnett. We were both wrong on the actual dollar amounts. the Yanks ate $20M of the $33M owed to him. The $13M in savings paid for Kuroda & Ibanez so even though they paid $20m, they made the best of a bad situation. Moving ARod would incorporate the same theory.

          • Fish the Yankees were willing pay the Pirates close to 70% of Burnett’s Contract so they should be prepared to pay nearly the same for Alex. Now if Buehrle is coming back then those numbers will need to be adjusted.

            • Hankies….yeah the Yanks ate 60% of AJs money. If they eat 60% of ARod’s $114M that is $68.5M. Buehrle is owed $52M so if the Yanks kick in $20M they are at $72m and Miami is only paying an additional $42M over 5 yrs for ARod.

          • fishjam, so Kuroda and Ibanez actually cost them 31 million, it doesn’t look so great when you look at it that way.

            • Are you dense? The Yankees saved 5 million from Burnett last year. With Andy not playing they went out and signed Kuroda plus………..

              • Hello, what about the 20 million they ate!

                • Doug, they were on the hook for $33M for AJ who posted back to back seasons of 5+ ERAs. They were able trade AJ (a negative) for $13M in savings which they turned into 2 huge positives in Kuroda & Ibanez. Burnett’s contract was a sunk cost as is ARod’s now. They were left with 2 players who’s contracts far exceeded the player’s worth. They made the best of a bad situation with AJ and should do the same with Alex.

                  • fishjam, I don’ look at it as a savings,if you buy a house and the worth goes down 20 million thousand dollars,you sell it and have to pay the bank 20 thousand dollars,then you buy a nicer house, how is that a savings. It’s not! I like your statement, they made the best out of a bad situation, but it’s not a savings.

                    • They got nothing back for a guy who won 16 games for a bad team. If that’s a good deal I’d hate to see a bad one.

                    • Doug….whether you want to call it a savings or not is semantics. The bottom line is if they didn’t trade AJ, they wouldn’t have the money for Kuroda and Ibanez. If AJ had stayed with the team instead of Kuroda & Ibanez there’s no way the team makes the playoffs. Same holds true for ARod….get rid of a player who is a detriment to the team and has a bloated salary for salary relief you can use to get better players more suited for the team.

                    • Doug/fish – in it’s simplest terms isn’t it giving away AJ and 20m for Kuroda/Ibanez ? And if it is who won?

  12. Was AJ traded or leave asbFA?

  13. And then reality is Arod has regressed badly, while Jeter has flourished asnthey havengotten older.

  14. PEOPLE ARE M,ISSING THE POINT,……. if arod wasnt as good as mays the previous 5 seasons, at equivlant age, no reason to think he can do better hitting than mays did the next 5 seasons, compared to mays age age 38, 39, 40, 41, and 42

    that was my point

    the contract

    • jim, there are alot of bad contracts in baseball, most of the free agent signings have been bad contract. The Yanks can only look at were they are know, and how to move forward. All I’m saying is that most of these free agents contracts are hard to get rid of without eating alot of money. I’m not sure that is in the Yanks best interest right now. A-Rod was very good agains’t lefty’s last year, and the combo of him and Chavez was good for the 3rd base position.

      • ok,,… but thats all i said,.. the contract,…… again, i’ll say it again,….. arod didnt hit as good as mays did over the equivalent last 5 seasons,.. no reason to think he can out hit mays over the equivalent next 5 seasons

        that is all i intended to show

        arod might have 1 decent season over the next couple, like mays did,…. thats it,…

        even that is not a given,…

        i am talking about the next 5 years,,,,,,,, not backwards,, but forwards,….. aAND WHAT I SEE IS DOOM AND GLOOM,.. BASED ON A GUY THAT IS VERY VEREY FAIR COMPARED TO AROD IN HITTING — WILLIE MAYS


  15. old yankees completely mis-understood what i was doing with the numbers. again—— if arod cant play as many games, gets as many hits, runs, rbis, homers, as mays did, at their equivalant ages, — 33,34,35,36,37,…….. there is ZERO REASON to believe he can even meet mays’s numbers equivalent age 38,39,40,41,42,—

    i am talking about stats vs the next 5 years of arods contract



    1969——114 hits—-64 runs—-58 rbi—-13 homers—–117 games
    1970——139 hits—-94 runs—-83 rbi—-28 homers——139 games
    1971——113 hits—-82 runs—-61 rbi—-18 homers——-136 games
    1972——-61 hits—–35 runs—-22 rbi—–8 homers——–88 games
    1973——-44 hits—–24 runs—-25 rbi—–6 homers——–42 games

    Arod might not even be able to do that

    • No, Jim2244…
      I understood and answered it above.
      Deserving a big contract and getting it are two different things. It isn’t his fault that Hank gave him a contract 4 years to long.
      There is no reason to think he can’t play 140/150 games a year. Last year he was going ok before his hand was injured.
      Thank-you Jim2244…no name calling at all, that’s good! LOL 🙂

  16. A lot of people are confusing the calls to move Alex as fan hatred of him. That may be the motivation of a lot of casual fans who never liked ARod but most of us on this site aren’t like like that. Our motivation for moving him is simply for the enormous burden of his contract against the Luury Tax coupled with Hal’s mandate to get under the Tax threshold.

    ARod definitely still has value as a player and he’s not the only reason the Yanks were ousted from the playoffs. But in order for Cashman to have any flexibility to improve the team is to reduce ARod’s burden on the cap or to move/not re-sign guys like Cano, Granderson, Hughes, Joba, Logan, etc who will be FAs net year.

    ARod played just 81 games at 3B and hit .258 with a .764 OPS in those games. In 2011, he only played 89 games at 3B. The Yanks can trade for a 3B or they could go the cheap route. Chavez can be brought back, David Adams can be brought up. Ibanez can platoon at DH with someone who crushes LHP like Johnny Gomes who hit LHP even better than Alex. The $80M in savings can be used to improve the OF and P and strike a reasonable deal with Cano

    • Fish imo all 5 of Cano, Granderson, Hughes, Joba and Logan can all go. None of them are all that important going forward. I know many love Cano but he is not a LEADER. Once Jeter is gone and that looks to be soon with this injury the team will need a LEADER.

      • Free, I’m afraid your idea of cleaning house will put the Yanks in the same position as the Sox, looking at years of not making the playoffs. The best formula for the Yanks is somewhere in between the status quo and yourself.

        • Doug that’s just not true. Those 5 that Fish mentioned cost about 42 million next year so a lot of that money can be reallocated plus no one is saying that we would get zip in return. Eventually there is going to be a dramatic turnover to why not start sooner instead of later?

          My honest thoughts are that Cashman is going the band aid this team again. It will again be very unlikeable. But instead of getting oodles of luck next year like this year and winning, it will fail miserably. Then I will finally have salvation as both Cashman and his flunky Girardi will be royally canned!

  17. I agree the that A-Rods contract is bad, his ability is declining, and the Yanks need to get under the cap. You are making a big assumption thinking the Yanks can trade him and save 80 million, that just isn’t going to happen. The other players you mentioned have less upside than A-Rod to me. I would like to see his contract go away, but the reality is it will be hard for Cashman to make a decent trade for A-Rod as well as replace him.

  18. Well said Dougie…… But Aroid is GoNe Baby GoNe!

    • hard to say that i don’t see teams knocking cashmans door down for him

      • I hate to say this but if I was manager for any of the other 29 ball clubs…I wouldn’t want A-Rod.

        • I watch Bochy and weep that the Yankees don’t have a manager like him. He does the right things, and his club has fun playing the game. He didn’t make stupid lineup shakes or benchings and while he doesn’t gamble foolishly, he was creative enough to make Lincecum a reliever and more importantly, get Lincecum to buy in to what he was doing with him without “crushing his ego”.
          Girardi’s idea of getting creative is to bench players in favor of lesser players and use Derek Lowe to start the 8th inning instead of a rested and able Drob.
          It seems each year that Yankee fans with blind faith explain to me that Joe isn’t a bad manager, that he’s just unlucky. I agree that managers can do the right things and lose and that sometimes managers do get unlucky.
          Where I differ from the Girardi cult members is where “unlucky” crosses over into incompetent and stupid.
          I’m sorry, but expecting Gardner to play well without having a real at bat since April, expecting Chavez to give you a better shot than Arod, expecting Lowe to give you in the 8th inning what DRob can are NOT unlucky moves, they were just plain stupid.
          Last year? Freddy Garcia instead of Hughes in the ALDS rotation was just plain stupid. Sending Freddy out there for another inning when he was clearly done so he could blow the game was insane. Not pinch hitting with Montero in game 5 for one of the zombies was just stupid.
          The year before? AJ had pitched a great game against Texas for a guy who hadn’t pitched in weeks. Clearly tired, Girardi had two obvious choices. Pull AJ or have him pitch to Murphy. The last thing in the world anyone sane would do would be to issue an intentional walk to Murphy to pitch to Molina.
          It’s not ONE specific bad move that Girardi has ever made, its the year in and year out idiocy that makes it obvious that he’s just not a good manager.
          The hardest part about watching other teams play for me isn’t wishing the Yankees had any of their players, its wishing they had their managers.

          • LMAO! I said many times I would take any other manager in the game including that fired psycho Ozzie over him. I would not however take that pathetic former Mets manager Jerry Manuel as he’s just as incompetent. I would flip a coin to see which crappy manager I would get between those two slugs if it came down to just them.

            • I understand what being a “fan” means. I understand that people WANT to believe in their manager. What I don’t understand is how people, no matter how big of a fan they are or how badly they want to believe in someone, can’t see what this guy is.
              His in game managing is bizarre, his “rest” days will never prevent injuries(which are 99.9% random occurences), NOONE in the game has a worse record with intentional walks than he does, and he makes his team TIGHT! Don’t even get me started on that ridiculous binder and his overmanaging on matchups and lefty/lefty, righty/righty nonsense.
              I understand he wants to win, I understand that he is a very nice guy, I understand that because he was a Yankee who delivered a famous hit that everyone(including me) WANTED to believe in him and see him succeed.
              I just can’t ignore what I’ve seen from him time and time again. I have ZERO in the guy. Guys like Bochy and LaRussa have found ways to win with a team that was not the best team. Girardi has found ways to lose 3 years in a row with the best team.
              You know what was cool to watch last night? How Bochy just went Linecum to Romo after Vogelsong was done. No way does Girardi ever do that. He’d have used 4 pitchers(at least) to finish that game.
              What Girardi doesn’t understand when it comes to stats are the huge variables involved with constant pitcher switches. Regardless of what the binder says, everytime you change pitchers you increase the risk of coming across one who doesn’t have his stuff that night. When you have a pitcher in the game whose stuff and command is on, you are better off keeping that pitcher in than switching to a “matchup” pitcher. The most important variable is whether or not the pitcher is ON that night. When you have one in the game who is “on”, you keep him right where he is.
              I watch guys like Bochy manage and just think to myself “this is the way it is supposed to be”.

              • There are so many little things that bother me about the Girardi/Cashman manager. They are too numerous to mention. I hope sometime next season he will get canned!

        • I think it depends on your market whether or not Arod will have some value. He has some very interesting milestones coming up like 3000 hits, 2000 rbi and runs scored so he could help at the gate in the right situation and for the right cost.

      • You can bet Matt…..the CashMan is working the phones late at night, while his stalking mistress makes him coffee.

  19. I can see some minor changes being made the next 2 years with Swisher going this year, and Grandy next year. The bigger changes will be in 2014 with Austin,Williams,Banuelos,and Campos getting a shot.

  20. This is going to be a very FUBAR winter, I can see it now.

    Something commented about the money spent by the Yankees being our money, Oy’ Vey, what a stupid remark, I could write for an hour on showing how wrong that is.

    If we trade A-Rod, which is reasonable, we would eat about $14m per a year for 4 years against the cap!
    The call to trade A-Rod is reasonable but, not all that good, remember that little thing called Cause & Effect?
    We would have three players (at minimum) with good power numbers to replace. What is it, a total of $56.5m more or less. Question; are there any good players out there + a #2 or 3 pitcher we could replace them with, for the money saved 4 position players and one pitcher for $56.5m. I don’t think so. We will need a SS, for Jeter added to a LF, RF 3rd baseman and pitcher.

    I don’t see any savings at all, other than everything…what am I missing?

    • Kenny….I don’t think anything will be FUBAR. Just a addition by subtraction. Lets take a look.
      I’m staying outfield for now. Josh Hamilton should be the target. Flanked by Ichiro, and Gardner.
      Drop Jones, add a power lefty outfield type, and a minor hot shot. And that is your outfield.
      Forget the budget stuff, for now.

  21. I commented that the money spent is our money.

    If you think is not then

    1, you should not be a coward and call it stupid be respectful !

    2. You should explain why you THINK that is wrong

  22. ballpark, of course the current Yankee team can win the series, the Yankee team in early summer was up by 10 games. That team would have won the series this year in my mind. The injuries of Mo, Andy, A-Rod, Tex, Robertson, Tex, Jeter, and others made them a different team in Oct. The team needs to get younger gradually and without any miss calculations. Any deal that helps the Yanks reach that goal is a good one. If the team can dump A-Rod and lower cap money and get better than I’m all for it.

    • Doug the problem is we have no starting pitching that is without ? marks.


      Yanks don’t have a 2 or a three.

      Hughes ?Don’t like his stuff,his arm action,his inverted W,He also walked off the mound because his back hurt in the last game he pitched. I question his makeup he needs to be tougher.

      Nova took a big step back this year and ended with a sore shoulder once again,to many sliders and unless he masters the change ,he’s not long before the operating table.I would keep him down for most of next year to develop the change.

      Phelps is what he is ,a nice unproven 5th starter.

      All of Cashman’s young pitching plans have flopped-3 AMIGOS…Killer B’s… Pinaeda,
      The guys that have been decent were not the guys he projected.

      A good buddy that is a high up in the Phillies org ,once told me that when a team has ?marks it usually turns out bad,that is what I SEE with this Yankee team.

  23. fishjam, ? at this time really mean nothing, the world series isn’t even over yet. I would expect the Yanks to pick up 2 starters before the season starts, could be Kuroda and Pettite, if not somebody else.

  24. There are 3 paths to the playoffs next year for the Yanks, one conservative, one middle of the road, and one blow up. In the conservative approach the Yanks sign Ichiro,Kuroda,Ibanez,Pettite,and MO or Soriano. Everyone else come back. In the middle of the road approach, the Yanks trade A-Rod,Hughes sign Ichiro,Martin,Kuroda,Pettite,and MO or Soriano. In the blow- up approach you trade A-Rod,Grandy,Hughes,sign Ichiro, Move Gardner to CF,sign Hamilton LF,sign Anibal Sanchez,trade G==randy and Nunez for Teheran, and McCann, trade Cano to the Nats for Espinosa and Detwiller or Zimmerman. Starters are CC,Kuroda,Sanchez,Zimmerman, and Teheran. 1b-Tex,2nd-Espinosa SS-Jeter,3rd- Adams-Chavez, LF- Hamilton,CF- Gardner, RF- Ichiro,C- McCann. Fill in with players you get for A-Rod and Hughes,maybe a 3rd basemen like Hensley Rimiriez.

    • Doug none of this makes any sense. Divide your ideas so it’s easy to determine what is what.

      • Doug – you have to trade Grandy now…under the new CBA rules he won’t garner a draft pick for his new team unless he’s traded this winter. ( no one else here new that)

    • Doug – forget the blowup approach …ain’t gonna happen…..when have you everbseen the Yankees clean house…..never. Though I would love to have Hamilton. Ok let’s blow it up a little:

      Here is my team

      Gardner LF / Nunez SS
      Jeter 3b
      Cano 2b
      Hamilton CF
      aroid DH
      Choo RF
      Tex 1b
      Martin c
      Nunez SS / Gardner LF

      • tommy, I like this team, who is pitching!

        • I’m with you Doug regarding everyone forgetting

          1. We came 4 runs from leading the league in runs.
          2. We led in OBP
          3. We led in slugging
          4. We led in OPS
          5 we led in hrs and set a franchise record
          6. Our pitching outperformed all expectations and only 4 teams had better

          So whatn, we went cold in a short series with Detroit….it happens, it’s unpredictable ….who can explain it? But let’s not throw out the baby with the bath water. Wendid that after 2009 and where did that get us? Nick “the hurt locker” Johnson?

          • The Yankees took the most advantage of a juice ball. The starters didn’t have enough quality starts as 82 is not enough. They can’t get a single to save a life. The pen will not be as good next year. Look at this link to see Wins/lost and Losses/saved as the Yankees were very lucky here.


            • Tommy that team will never happen…

            • Free, realistically what team do you see next year?

              • I honestly have no clue…but I do know that Cashman is a coward.

                I think they need a young veteran starter like Sanchez very badly so that should be the big move and likely the only move. Mo will be back at his same salary. I can realistically see 3 rookies making the team along with Nunez. I do see basically the same boring and much less successful team next year. Look for 1 veteran left handed bat off the bench. The lousy Martin returning as well. I am not optimistic at all.

            • Hank…..I like these stats…….kind of reinforced what I thought happened during the season.

              1. Starting pitchers left game while losing a lot but team won as bullpen held and offense scored

              2. Quality starts were not in first tier of pitching ( Detroit, Tampa, Oakland,CSW) but top of second tier. And with cc and petite full year and if Girardi didn’t pull so quick …we might have been first tier

              I think we have a little less pitching than the top teams but our offense makes up for it . I would like to trade Grandy or Tex pack age for a top pitcher.

              • We’ll never get rid of Teixeira, who has a full no trade and a tragic contract.
                Granderson has limited value with only one year left at 15 million after the option is picked up.
                Maybe a 2013 contender who needs to rent a CF would make a deal with us, but Cashman will just blow it anyway if he does make a deal, that’s what he does.
                What we need are BATS via trade or free agency.

              • Cashman and Girardi get rid of all young and talented players at any and all costs. They want “veterans” and “left handed power”.
                I’ve been saying this since 2010, the goal seems to be to acquire as many “veteran” left handed or switch hitting power hitters as possible.

      • Doug – I actually like the pitchers we had this season. I’d bring back Kuroda ifnhe wants to cme back …..same with Andy.


        If we can get an elite # 2 I would go all out for it as I believenthat takesnusnover the top in a short series. I don’t know who is available though.

        • I think Mariano is being pushed out like Torre……make him an offer he must refuse.

        • Tommy, I will sign up for that team going forward right now, I’m sure someone will have a better one, but that’s a good team.

        • If this is the staff next year the Yankees will not win 90 games.

          • Get used to it Hank, Cash has no clue how to upgrade it. a strong offense will make up for any regression of the pitching.

            • Go look at the link I provided. See the reason why the Angels failed to make the post season. See why I believe even with the Yankees injuries that they were very very lucky.

        • Good morning T-MAN

          That staff will not be as good as this year.

          1-CC a year older and coming off elbow surgery, He is already showing signs of regression,He is still a #1 but no longer a lockdown,

          1- Kuroda and Andy probably don’t comeback,and if they do there not getting better their getting older.Plus Yanks can’t wait to upgrade with their 2+ 3 both leaving in the same year.

          3-Hughes is shot and a free agent next year ,I would trade him now.

          4 Nova regressed and was hurt to end the season for the 2nd year .He needs to develop a change or he will never make it .

          5-Phelps I have liked this kid since he pitched at ND but as a pro whet can you expect????????????

          Pen has lots of options and in general can be rebuilt in a hurry .

  25. Ok people, evidently some of you are reading something other than what I have been writing over the last year or so.

    I didn’t have anything egregious to say about Jeter other than; I didn’t think he would hit .300+ and that I didn’t trust/like him. That has nothing to do with his play for the team (Except the .300-).
    It seems, some can’t see the differences between personal dislike and ones baseball talents. They are two different things.

    If you want to count character; Jeter has it over A-Rod by far but saying he is or was the better player is not true…most of you guys love stats; well look them up, you guys say to me, stats don’t lie….well?
    A-Rod was named best player on the Yankees 4 times with in 6/7 years.

    Let me state for the record, I don’t care for either player for different reasons, but they both play for the Yankees…so, all is good. Unjustly attacking one player over another is wrong, if it is a personal dislike rather than how well one plays. Talent is the judge, not personal likes or dislikes.

    Heck, I had a Captain I disliked (he didn’t like me any better), so for 3-4 years, we never spoke a word to each other. Funny thing is, when I was moved up, I had him take my job…it was all about the best man, for the job…he was it.

    Jeter and A-Rod have great baseball talents but, they are completely different types of players.

    • Ken – everyone knows your love for Jeter ……Arod is jealous of him too , read the Esquire article….somewhat true, but 100% jealousy. Deja vu of when Reggie wasnjealous of Thurman..

  26. old yankee, I never played on a team that had a captain, and we won some championships,to me captains are over rated.

    • Doug….
      I managed and played for many years but, I was talking about an Army Captain. I never thought of having a baseball Captain. The bast liked player was the team leader for his little clique but, not always was he the best player.
      As a player, I was good enough but, much better in Football.

  27. I coached for 28 years and never had a captain per say. I had many players that acted like captains and players followed them, but they earned the honor on their own, not by being named.

  28. Doug – players look up to other players that have character , integrity and a good work ethic.

    Jeter has all 3. Aroid only has the work ethic.

  29. How are the Giants beating the Tigers like this,I had them as the 7th best team in the playoffs.

  30. Cow Girls of Broadway, and the one called the Cow Girl’s Purse. Good Evening guys. Storm flags up!
    Wearing my Cho Cho Coleman jersey tonight, and listening to the best of “Mongo Jerry”. Working on next years roster. So far, I’ve only constructed the outfield…..Gardner, Hamilton, Ichiro…with a veteran lefty masher, and a young scrapper on the bench….Tommy-Purse, nice graphics.

  31. Bloggers……….it must be Joe Girardi’S fault, or is it George Bush’….that the Tigers can not find a hit? My Tigers in 5….is out the window.

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