Game 124 Lineup: Yankees @ White Sox

Lineup vs. White Sox

Derek Jeter SS
Nick Swisher RF
Robinson Cano 2B
Mark Teixeira 1B
Andruw Jones DH
Curtis Granderson CF
Russell Martin C
Casey McGehee 3B
Ichiro Suzuki LF

RHP Phil Hughes

Pregame Notes:

— As you may all have heard, Bartolo Colon was suspended for 50 games for the use of steroids. This has been the second former Yankee this month to get suspended.

Ivan Nova will miss at least one start after experiencing discomfort in his shoulder. The Yankees are expecting Nova to be put on the DL.

Here’s today’s Poll question:

About Delia E.

Delia Enriquez is the managing editor of Yankees Fans Unite. She enjoys analyzing the New York Yankees whether it be their pitching, roster or their manager. You can follow her on twitter @dfiregirl4 for more tweets, analysis and opinion on the Yankees.

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  1. Another 1-run loss…….now 15-18 in 1-run contests. The difference in the game was Chicago played good fundamental baseball and plated their leadoff Double while we didn’t:

    – Tex led off the 2nd with a Double but he didn’t move….Jones popped to LF, Grandy K’d and Martin popped up.

    – Beckham led off 3rd with a Double….Wise bunted him to 3rd and beat throw for Hit……Youkilis hit Sac Fly to RF.

    • Eventually , this losing of one run games , someone is going to have to point the finger at Girardi. Is he being out managed? Is he not utilizing the right strategy of play? Does this team know how to scratch out runs? Has Girardi bought into the ” HRs are just as easy to hit as scratching out runs” theory?

      • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

        Girardi is a terrible in game manager! He is also a lying sack of crap in interviews both before an after games. I call on King Hal the absent owner to SELL the team! I want a new owner with BALLS! New owner please fire all the scumbags starting with Girardi followed quickly by Cashman and Gay Levine!

        • That is very true Ghost of Joe

          Girardi was told to stop lying to the press by upper mgt.

          He also lied about his relationship with AJ blackeye. Who he covered for after AJ cursed him out.

          You are da man Ghost of Joe!

          • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

            I never listen to Girardi because all you ever hear is phony BS.

            He has the imagination of a MIDGE! Meaning he has none!

            Remarkably Jeter is having an amazing season with the bat so why is he leading off when this team has NO 3 hole hitter? Wouldn’t Jeter’s bat play better there? Hell if you want OBP and no runs scored bat Swisher first!

            His bullpen management stinks as well. He always boxes himself and the team into corners. For example why did he let Freddie load the bases after the Home Run the other night? Then why use practically the entire pen when he could have brought in Derek Lowe once out of the inning?

            The problem is the Yankees pen is setup to work for Girardi only if the Starter pitches into the 7th inning. If that does not happen he’s lost.

            When given the chance to integrate a young player he never plays them so they rot on the bench. How many time have we’ve seen a young pitcher never get in a game?

            The Cashman/Girardi/Levine team needs to go so we can get back to exciting winning Baseball.

            • Exactly, Ghost…

              Look at Jeter’s RBIs, with Martin ahead of him. They’re wasting Jeter’s bat. And Granderson nevr gets on base and Girardi had him batting first and second….hitting mostly solo hrs.

              Nunez should be the table setter now.

              • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

                Go look at the numbers the Yankees number 8 hole hitter is producing this season? It’s worse then the 9 hole hitter. So you want your best hitter by average hitting behind that? Total incompetence and a lack of imagination is what Yankees fans are treated to nightly by the Girardi!

                Girardi is worse the clueless Joe! He’s Neanderthal Joe!

  2. Fish – this team does not play Billy Ball. If a man is on second very few of the players are bunters. Jones and Grandy all or nothing players, that is the way the team is built and that is the way they play….the 3 run homer style of Earl Weaver….and now most sabermetricians.

    That is why we need to become a more multi – dimensional team that has the skills to play small ball. Nunez would be perfect. Gardner if he was healthy. Wise …what happened to him. Iichy can play small ball but he can’t hit a good fastball (Verlander and sale blow him away).

    This teams wins and dies with the long ball and that strategy catches up with them in close games.

    • You are correct Twasp…..there are only a few guys who would bunt but beyond bunting there are ways to advance runners. If Andruw Jones would have gone up there looking to take the ball the other way, he can go for the hit/HR, and still get the runner to 3rd if he makes an out.

      Its baseball 101 that is drummed into every player to play the game. The Yankees believe in this and coach it but many players are selfish and take it with a grain of salt. Kevin Long sits there during Batting Practice every day and has them practice Situational Hitting…..he’ll yell out…Man on 2nd, no out…..or Man on 3rd, less than 2 outs, infield back……bases loaded, no outs, etc, etc.. Have you seen all of the high-fives, fist-bumps, hand-shakes and back-patting that goes on when someone successfully moves a runner with a ground out or fly ball? The players know its important but are either poor at situational hitting or don’t like to get out of their comfort zone to take a ball the other way or shorten up their long HR swings.

      The Yanks are 26th out of 30 teams in Productive Out% at 0.283. Conversley, TB and Baltimore are 1st and 3rd, respectively, in the A.L.Productive Outs and cashing in opportunities are a must to scratch runs against a great pitcher like Sale today or like Felix and Verlander have been against the Yanks this yr.

      • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

        “Yanks are 26th out of 30 teams in Productive Out% at 0.283”

        Fish do you really expect more from the GEEZER squad Cashman built? This is an OLD boring team. They are also a horrid fielding team. Management is BALLESS with the wrong beliefs. Meaning more of this crap will mean less and less fanny’s in the seats along with declining TV viewership.

        Where would this team be without the Geriactric Jeter? There is no Youth. There is no promise of an exciting future. This Yankees Organization is STALE! I hope they’re enjoying watching young stars that came through their farm system play for the other teams! Unless there is real change welcome back to 1990!

      • If Billy Martin was managing A. jones would have been confronted in the dugout and punched out. Billy even had Reggie bunt. I get that the players and coaches and mgr appreciate fundamentals but I don’t think Girardi buys in on small ball enough or they would play it more.

        • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

          Andrew Jones is a terrible ballplayer. He should be released but sadly he wont be.

          • I agree Joe…he is toast….no range in the OF…..can’t throw out runners ……can’t hit except for HRs . We’ve got to have guys in the minors who can play better. Even dewayne Wise was better.

  3. Joe – what do you think of Girardi’s managing this season?

    • The Ghost of Joe Quinn

      UTTER FAILURE! He stunk from day 1 and will always stink. My 9 year old niece who does not like Baseball could do a better job. She does not lie.

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