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Spring Training Notes: 2/25/12

Nick Swisher during workouts

The Yankees had their first workouts today (by the way Nick Swisher, looking good) and the Yankees had some news go around. A-Rod had a press conference, Raul Ibanez talks about the Yankees so, let’s get to the notes for today!

Raul Ibanez said that he was thrilled to be a Yankee. He spoke to Bryan Hoch saying, “I was still mad about the 2009 World Series loss…up until about a week ago.”

Alex Rodriguez spoke to the press today and even said that he has a bad case of Lin-sanity. It’s so bad that he would offer a spot on his couch for Jeremy Lin if needed.

— And finally, (courtesy of Bryan Hoch) there are some Yankee Spring Training pictures, so take a look!

Note: To view the slideshow, click on one picture and it will enlarge.

Derek Jeter O/U .292 in 2012?

This is a blog post from Andrew Marchand from ESPN New York.com

In a recurring feature of the blog, we play the always fun “Over-Under Game,” in which we will set the line for a player and a stat and ask you to weigh in. 

The Player: Derek Jeter
The Number: .292 batting average

The Scouting Report: Jeter finished last year hitting .297, which included batting .327 in the second half of the season. For his career, Jeter is a .313 career hitter. 

Our insider colleague Dan Szymborski projects Jeter, soon-to-be-38, to hit just .268. For a more positive outlook, the legendary Bill James has Jeter at .291. I’ve set the number at .292 average, thinking like Vegas that will encourage people to weigh in on both sides. 

Personally, I would take the under with Jeter hitting in the .280s. 

I tend to agree with Marchand. Asking Jeter to hit around .300 at the age of 37. Jeter had a spectacular 2nd half last year batting. 327 with 3 HR, 37 RBI, and a .811 OPS so maybe he can carry that over to 2012.  Vote in the poll and state your thoughts in the comments on your expectations for Jeter in 2012.

Thoughts about Martin

This is from an article on ESPN New York by Andrew Marchand.  My thoughts are in blue.

With the sides too far apart, the agent for Russell Martin, Matt Colleran and Yankees GM Brian Cashman spoke on Friday and decided to table talks until after the season.

This has to be the best decision for the Yankees being that what happens if Martin breaks down like he has done in previous seasons with injuries.   Martin did come into spring training in great shape as he worked out MMA style in the off-season.

Cashman said the two sides “mutually agreed to wait,” after Colleran called on Friday.

I don’t see it as two sides when other sources reported that the Yankees did not offer the money that Martin wanted in a three year deal.

“It was a good conversation,” Colleran said Friday evening. “By the end of it, we were on the same page.”

Martin can become a free agent at the end of the season. Prior to agreeing on a one-year, $7.5 million deal before going to arbitration, Cashman had put forth the idea of a three-year contract that would have included this season.

With the 2014 season getting closer why add a contract like this when we can wait a year to see how Romine does in AAA to see if he could be a cheaper option.  That money saved could go to another bat or some pitching.

On Thursday, Colleran told ESPNNewYork.com he planned to present Cashman a counter proposal that could serve to rip up this year’s deal.

CBS Sports’ Jon Heyman tweeted the Yankees were only prepared to go to three years and $20 million.

Martin will likely seek $8-$10 million per year and will have more negotiating leverage with a big season and the specter of free agency.


Or he could have less leverage with an injured plagued season.  Other catchers to note that will be free agents that the Yankee could look to are Yadier Molina, Mike Napoli, Miguel Montero (my personal choice), and others with club options are Brian McCann, Carlos Ruiz and Miguel Olivo.   So the choices are plenty.  What do you think the Yankees should do?  Vote in the poll below.


Morning Bits: Martin, Hughes, Burnett, Swisher, Posada

Good morning Yankees fans and Happy Saturday! Position players reported yesterday and will soon start their workouts! Here are your morning links.

Russell Martin & the Yankees agreed to wait to talk about a contract extension until after the season.

Phil Hughes spoke with ESPN & said it will be nobody’s fault but his if he struggles in Spring Training and ends up in the bullpen

— With A.J Burnett now a Pittsburgh Pirate, ESPN wonders, who will be the new pie man? The obvious choice? Nick Swisher.

Jorge Posada’s absence from camp is more noticeable than Andy Pettite’s according to Derek Jeter