Giants’ lefty Jonathan Sanchez, traded to Royals

Giants’ lefty Jonathan Sanchez, traded to Royals

by Mike D.

The Royals acquired San Francisco left-hander Jonathan Sanchez, and a minor-league starter, for former-Yank Melky Cabrera. It had been rumored that Sanchez would either be traded or non-tendered by the Giants. If it wasn’t for his control issues, he would be a very good fit for the Yankees, as evidenced by his strikeout rates (9.4 K/9) and platoon numbers against lefties (.210 AVG / .300 OBP / .342 SLG). This basically diminishes the chance that the Yankees could acquire Matt Cain in a trade, as the Giants now have one less starter. I laid out the case for targeting Cain last week. A trade for the San Francisco right-hander would probably have been unlikely, anyway.

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  1. Interesting trade. I remember when Melky was in New York, this very same trade was rumored a couple times.

    • This is a great trade for the Giants if Melky can keep himself in good shape. He could earn type A status next year if he performs close to what he did this past year.

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