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Afternoon Hot Stove News

Afternoon Hot Stove News

by Matt S.

Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com reports that the “buzz in baseball circles is that it will take north of $50 million” to sign Yoenis Cespedes, and in recent weeks “estimates have drifted considerably higher.”

Initially there were questions about whether Cespedes would get more than the $30.25 million Aroldis Chapman got, but it appears that he’ll blow that figure out of the water. Crasnick also adds that two-thirds of the teams interested in signing Cespedes are projecting him to play center field, while the others are projecting him as a right fielder. The Yankees, Marlins, Cubs, Phillies, Pirates, Orioles, Blue Jays, Indians and Athletics are among the teams that have expressed interest in the 26-year-old Cuban.

Source: ESPN.com

Troy Renck of the Denver Post reports that the Rockies are no longer in the running for free agent starter Roy Oswalt.

Renck reported last month that the Rockies were “aggressive” in their pursuit of Oswalt, but now admits that the veteran was “a longshot given the interest by other clubs.” Instead they’ve re-focused their attention to lesser-heralded veterans Kevin Millwood and Jeff Francis.

Source: Denver Post

Joe Cowley of the Chicago Sun-Times reports that the White Sox have been shopping John Danks around in trade talks.

General manager Kenny Williams indicated last month that he would be reluctant to part with Danks, but it was likely just an attempt to bump up the asking price. That price is evidently steep, as a source from another team told Cowley that Williams “asked for everyone on our roster in return” for the left-hander. While an obvious exaggeration, it’s no surprise that Williams would be demanding a lot for the 27-year-old Danks, who is set to make around $7-8 million in his final year of arbitration.

Jon Heyman of SI.com reports that the Yankees are interesting in re-signing Eric Chavez.

Chavez missed nearly three months of action this season after fracturing his foot and wasn’t terribly productive when healthy, batting just .263/.320/.356 across 175 plate appearances. But, he’s decided to continue playing in 2012 and evidently the Yanks aren’t ruling out a reunion.

Yankees have “looked at” LHRP Mike Gonzalez

Yankees have “looked at” LHRP Mike Gonzalez

by Mike D.

Via SI.com’s Jon Heyman, the Yankees are looking for left-handed relief help, and have looked at Mike Gonzalez as a possible option. In 53.1 innings for the Orioles and Rangers, Gonzalez pitched to a 4.39 ERA / 4.11 FIP / 3.73 xFIP line, with an 8.61 K/9 and a 3.54 BB/9. I took a more in-depth examination of Gonzalez as a possible addition to the bullpen here.

Heyman goes on to note that the Yankees do not like the current prices of Edwin Jackson and C.J. Wilson, and despite what Hal has publicly stated, they are still a bit “gun-shy” regarding Japanese pitchers such as Yu Darvish. He also states that it is unlikely that the Yankees will trade for Atlanta’s Jair Jurrjens. Heyman sees a trade for John Danks of the White Sox more likely and sensible.

Mariano Rivera’s Surgery “Went Well” According to Agent

Mariano Rivera’s Surgery “Went Well” According to Agent

By Delia E.

Mariano Rivera underwent surgery earlier today to remove polyps from his vocal cords and according to his agent, Rivera is doing well.

Fern Cuza (Rivera’s agent) told the New York Daily News that the procedure “went well” and “as planned.”

Cuza didn’t speak to Rivera himself, but was told that he was doing well from Rivera’s wife Clara. Rivera said before the surgery that it would prevent him from talking for about a week. Rivera must now wait for biopsy results.

Glad to hear that Mariano Rivera is doing well. Leave your get well wishes in the comments if you’d like.

Hot Stove Targeting: Gio Gonzalez

While Gio Gonzalez is a strike-out pitcher...

Gio Gonzalez isn’t a free agent, but there have been talks that he’s available on the trade market this winter. Since his debut with the Oakland Athletics in 2008, he has not disappointed Athletics fans while the other 29 teams look. Actually Gio Gonzalez’s name may be a bit familiar to some of the Yankees including Nick Swisher. Both Swisher and Gonzalez were traded from the White Sox to the Athletics in 2008 when Gonzalez was still in the minor leagues. The numbers don’t lie, Gonzalez is impressive but if there is one thing that the Athletics need, it’s hitting. So are the Yankees the right team to fit into the Gio Gonzalez equation to give both teams what they truly desire? Well, let’s look at Gonzalez’s past numbers and leave decisions till the end.


Gio Gonzalez impressed the Athletics from day one, even if his rookie year wasn’t very promising. With Gonzalez, the reason that he is so successful is because he is a strikeout pitcher. In his first full season in 2009 he sky rocketed from 34 K’s to 109 K’s and kept his strikeout numbers in the 100’s for the next 2 seasons. Also noticeably in 2010 & 2011, Gonzalez’s ERA has been good with 3.23 ERA & a 3.12 ERA respectively. Gonzalez also has an All-Star status, making the All-Star game in 2011. Gonzalez also gives up fewer hits than innings pitched which is a good thing (In 2011, in 202.0 IP he’s only gave up 175 Hits). He doesn’t hit many batters and (Yankees fans will love this) he doesn’t Balk very often either (He’s only balked once in 2011).


Every player has their negative sides and unfortunately, Gio Gonzalez has just that. For one thing, Gonzalez gives up too many walks. In 202.0 innings in 2011, but he walked 91 batters. The same thing happened in 2010 when he pitched 200.2 innings walking 92 people. Imagine if he stays on the Athletics and faces the Yankees, then he will have a tough time due to the Yankees being a patient team and having fast base runners (Brett Gardner, Curtis Granderson, and Eduardo Nunez) to play ABC ball with. It would be the same situation, no matter what team he’s on, especially on the Yankees.

...he gives up too many walks, something the Yankees should be wary about

Is Gio Gonzalez a Fit for the Yankees:

Okay, now let’s cut to the chase. The Athletics need hitting and the Yankees need pitching, so Gonzalez would be an ideal match for the Yankees. But the issue here would be who the Yankees will give up in order to get Gonzalez. In my mind, the Yankees would give up a minor league pitcher (Probably either Banuelos, Betances, Phelps, etc.) and Jesus Montero since he has a fantastic bat. But the Yankees might want to look into it some more before they go giving away some of their players for Gonzalez. Gonzalez has not pitched in the “spotlight”. I mean, sure he has pitched for the Athletics, but let’s face it. Oakland is not the same press wise as New York. He could get overwhelmed by all of the pressure that the press will bring him. So is he the perfect fit for the Yankees? He might be, and it wouldn’t hurt to try and besides he only made $420,000 last year so the Yankees might want to take this into consideration when asking about Gio Gonzalez.

Posada News….

Posada News….

by Matt S.

Jon Heyman of SI.com reports that Jorge Posada would like to continue playing in 2012 and his preference would be to sign with the Marlins.

Posada lives in Miami and at this point in his career would probably be fine with being a backup, so there could be a fit. The Marlins have Brett Hayes to back up John Buck, but they might value Posada’s leadership and ability to also fill in at first base. He’d have to be reasonable about his salary expectations, though.

Morning Bits: C.J. Wilson, Bernie HOF, Phenom Mason Williams, 2012 Predictions

Good morning everyone finally it’s Friday.  Hope everyone has a good weekend. Check back later today for an article at 12. Stop by this weekend, as well, for more good articles.

Now on to the morning links…..

* Pitching needy Yankees won’t be pursuing C.J. Wilson.

* Bernie is on the HOF Ballot but he is not worthy. I totally agree with this. Not every one of our favorite Yankees can make the HOF – it’s just a fact.

* Sweeny Murti of WFAN has an awesome article about Yankees Phenom Mason Williams.   If you are going to read one article today read this one!!!!!

* Wallace Matthews (not my favorite ESPN guy) has some predictions for the 2012 Yankees.

* Yankees were eyeing 42nd Street Stadium in 1915.  How cool would have that been.